Synonyms for Dandy:


agreeable (adjective)
fine, swell.
cool (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
fine, excellent (adjective)
prime, marvelous, peachy, nifty, great, cool, capital, model, neat, paragon, swell, glorious, groovy, first-rate, terrific, splendid, keen.
foppish (adjective)
foppish, gallant, cavalier.
superior (adjective)


dresser, coxcomb, metrosexual, dag, dweeb. exceptional, model, incredible, paragon, wonder, decent, gem. champion, tiptop, brag, excellent, blue-ribbon, topnotch, boss, capital, fine, superior, superb, terrific, splendid, prime, ace, first class, topflight, quality, a-one, tophole, first-rate, top, banner. fantastic, dreamy, tremendous, cool, hot, super, wonderful, ripping, fabulous, glorious, divine, sensational, fantastical, marvelous. dandy (noun)
sheik, corking, slap-up, nifty, peachy, gallant, great, keen, good, swell, bang up, cracking, fashion plate, smashing, bully, groovy, dude, clotheshorse, fop, not bad, beau, neat.
fashion plate (noun)
fop (noun)
blade, beau, peacock, cavalier, beauty, clotheshorse, dude, fop, socialite, gallant, swell, blood.
person (noun)
dude, clotheshorse, swell, fop, beau, fashion plate, gallant, sheik.

Other synonyms:

coxcomb, topnotch, tophole, metrosexual, ripping, a-one, blue-ribbon, dag, topflight. first-rate, first class, dresser. prime, champion, tremendous, marvelous, tiptop. fine, dreamy, wonderful, fabulous, sensational. glorious, boss, terrific, splendid. divine, hot, cool. fantastical. quality. fantastic. bang-up
bang up.
first class

Usage examples for dandy

  1. " That's the dandy kind," remarked a voice over his shoulder. – Two Boys and a Fortune by Matthew White, Jr.
  2. Bouquets to you the writer flings; You wrote a lot of dandy things. – Tobogganing On Parnassus by Franklin P. Adams