Synonyms for Monolithic:


continuous (adjective)
everlasting, uniform, lasting, nonstop, sequential, habitual, unremitting, endless, flat, interminable, un-intermittent, unceasing, consecutive, recurrent, steady, perennial, unending, undeviating, perpetual, continual, connected, repeated, undying, homogeneous, cyclical, continuous, coherent, even, seamless, unvarying, robot-like, unchanging, level, straight, constant, persistent, invariable, consistent, regular, gapless, monotonous, indefatigable, repetitive, continuing, incessant, ceaseless, unbroken, featureless, unchangeable.
massive (adjective)
solid, big, uniform, consistent.
pure (adjective)
clean, unsullied, undiluted, white, uncluttered, stark, prime, unadorned, formative, pure, unadulterated, stainless, spotless, virtuous, faultless, fundamental, primal, Simon-pure, basal, plain, untarnished, nascent, irreducible, clear, purebred, basic, unblemished, austere, simple, immaculate, atomic, guiltless, primary, elementary, essential, sinless, angelic, honorable, untainted, unalloyed, elemental, blameless, undefiled, decent, aboriginal, bare, chaste, indivisible, foundational, innocent.
solid (adjective)
unyielding, firm, of one sort, inflexible.
uniform (adjective)
steady, indistinguishable, even, like, undiversified, assonant, seamless, alike, level, uniform, unbroken, unvarying, homogeneous, undeviating, consistent, same, undifferentiated, consonant, equable, regular, invariable.
united (adjective)
holistic, congruent, solid, atomic, integral, complete, single, entire, pure, uniform, irreducible, undivided, fundamental, indivisible, simple, congruous, coincident, coherent, homogeneous, same, intact, united, unified, cohesive, elemental, integrated.


monolithic (noun)
large, massive, unvaried, monumental, big, undiversified.

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Other relevant words:
firm, large, unvaried, big, massive, inflexible, unyielding, monumental.

Usage examples for monolithic

  1. The mason was not content, when he needed a door, to cut a rectangular opening in the rock; he must represent in high relief the monolithic side- posts and lintel which were the great features of the megalithic 'temples' of Malta. – Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders by T. Eric Peet