Synonyms for Mother:


ma, maw, vermin, creep, know-all, matriarch, mommy, public enemy number one, (the) scum of the earth, mama, yob, mum, public nuisance, loudmouth, mummy, horror, dam, mammy. fledgling, dickey, raptor, administrator, nestling, bird of passage, bird of prey, superintendent, game bird, hen. fountainhead, birth mother, birth parent, origin, birth father, custodial parent, empty nester, dad, beginning, deadbeat dad, daddy. progenitor, precede, overindulgence, fuss over, roll out the red carpet for someone, wait on someone hand and foot, cherish, indulge, ascendant, spoil, cosset, pamper, do well by someone, foremother. root, provenance, well, derivation, spring, fount, fountain, Provenience, rootstock, source. female person who has borne children (noun)
ancestor, predecessor, parent, progenitor, creator, source, Procreator, mommy, origin.
fountainhead (noun)
master (noun)
landlady, authority, landlord, director, chief, captain, proprietor, governor, sire, senior, mandarin, principal, commander, ruler, master, headmaster, quartermaster, squire, dean, leader, guru, president, maestro, executive, mahatma, commandant, titleholder, proprietress, head, manager, abbot, headmistress, star, officer, kingpin, lord.
paternity (noun)
responsibility, parent, Procreator, engenderer, forefather.
precursor (noun)
founder, forerunner, precursor, forebear, originator, precedent, predecessor, antecedent, avant-garde, pioneer, prototype, foreshadower, Antecessor, harbinger, scout, trailblazer.
producer (noun)
executrix, inventor, manufacturer, architect, fabricator, creator, executor, maker, composer, impresario, author, producer.


aid (verb)
encourage, fund, serve, abet, attend, foster, help, sustain, tend, endow, support, minister, relieve, benefit, motivate, assist, aid, facilitate.
produce (verb)
generate, form, execute, make, originate, produce, construct, develop, build, invent, create, fabricate, manufacture, cultivate.
social (verb)
overprotect, fuss.

Other synonyms:

game bird, fount, rootstock, bird of prey, nestling, dickey, foremother, Provenience, hen, mama. fountainhead, fledgling, progenitor, bird of passage, provenance, dam, raptor. origin, derivation, well, source. fountain. beginning. root. mama
bring forth.
Other relevant words:
get, beginning, cherish, nestling, maw, mummy, fuss, spring, foremother, engender, creep, dam, origin, ma, well, fount, root, birth parent, fledgling, fountainhead, spoil, ascendant, Provenience, pamper, dickey, mammy, progenitor, bring forth, provenance, overprotect, indulge, female parent, beget, derivation, cosset, source, mommy, mama, rootstock, fuss over, mum, fountain, matriarch.

Usage examples for mother

  1. Didn't I come back and tell you about it, mother – The Nether World by George Gissing
  2. Her mother left her to my care. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  3. I want to- come back- I want- you, mother dear- I'm very happy, but I- went away too soon. – The Professor's Mystery by Wells Hastings Brian Hooker