Synonyms for Language:


gesture, idiom, first language, printing, pantomime, utterance, song, writing, interlanguage, signal, acrolect, gibberish, poetry, vernacular, voice, conversation, prose, sign, vocalization, inscription, communication, home language, interlingual, heritage language, mother tongue, word, diglossia, creole, basilect, articulation, polyglot. binary system, transformational grammar, assembly language, semantics, html, code, literature, phonetics, phonics, basic, phonology, cobol, linguistics, command line, Anthropology, criticism, etymology, phonemics, structural linguistics, java, ascii. channel, turn of phrase, show, interchange, get along, agree, networking, communications, communicate. lexis, langue, the lexicon, vocab. lexicon, cant. cognition (noun)
communication (noun)
linguistic communication.
grammar (noun)
formulation, usage, phrase, form, phraseology, wording, structure, predicate, conjugation, object, subject, syntax, qualifier.
language (noun)
grammar, terminology, speech communication, argot, spoken communication, esperanto, linguistic process, slang, dialect, spoken language, parlance, phrasing, oral communication, lyric, voice communication, speech, rhetoric, patois, linguistic communication, lingo, nomenclature, jargon.
speech (noun)
oral communication.
system of words for communication (noun)
conversation, utterance, communication, word, jargon, argot, lexicon, gibberish, signal, phraseology, patois, wording, speech, dialect, vocalization, slang, terminology, prose, vernacular, articulation, interchange, parlance, idiom, voice, cant.

Other synonyms:

binary system, vocab, command line, assembly language, html, langue, phonetics, lexis, ascii, cobol, phonology, structural linguistics, phonemics. code, java, networking, communication. lexicon. interchange. basic. word. channel. show. derivation
Other relevant words:
etymology, creole, lexis, oral communication, linguistic process, vocalization, writing, lexicon, voice, word, speech communication, communication, channel, utterance, langue, gibberish, terminology, linguistic communication, mother tongue, poetry, lyric, linguistics, interchange, speech, conversation, prose, cant, voice communication, nomenclature, spoken communication, networking, articulation, vocab, idiom, vernacular, spoken language, code, signal, ascii.

Usage examples for language

  1. Her heart beat hard, and she raised her head and called- why was it she should call out in a language not her own? – Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker
  2. She doesn't even know the language – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume
  3. There I wrote down several things as they name them in their language and when the King and the others saw me write, and I told them their manner of speech, they were all astonished. – The Story of Magellan and The Discovery of the Philippines by Hezekiah Butterworth