Synonyms for Produce:


antenatal, anti-choice, amniocentesis, amniotic fluid, baby shower, birth, baby blues, the afterbirth. cutting room, dub in, cut, direction, rich, yield, bear, dub out, dub over, cutaway, animation, dub, direct. confectionery, creole, comfort food, baby food, carbohydrate, aphrodisiac, convenience food, kin, dairy, base. money, bang out, repay, roll out, pay, rush out, return, net, gross, turn out, grind out, churn out. indite, trigger, start-off, write, compose, catalyze. frame, assemble, put together, hold up, trot out, fashion, display, yield up, wheel out, show, exhibit, forge, shape, present, mold. procreate, spawn, breed. lengthen, protract, draw out, extend, Prolongate, prolong, elongate, long, increase, stretch, spin. fruit and vegetables (noun)
harvest, outcome, fruitage, crop, yield, goods, outgrowth.
merchandise (noun)
effects, inventory, stock, ware, commodity, article, goods, staple, merchandise, cargo.
merchandises (noun)
Cargoes, Commodities, stocks, wares, staples, Inventories, articles, merchandises.
produce (noun)
green groceries, develop, raise, bring about, bring on, bring forth, acquire, make, garden truck, farm, get, green goods, bring out, grow, create, give rise.


cause, effect (verb)
hatch, provoke, induce, give rise to, generate, bring about.
create (verb)
fabricate, form, construct, build, grind out, develop, formulate.
creation (verb)
create, make, bring forth.
demonstrate, show (verb)
display, exhibit.
generate, create (verb)
originate, turn out, fabricate, develop, engender, bring forth, breed, form, write, return, put together, bring out, present, manufacture, conceive, make, invent, frame, procreate, compose, construct, cultivate, bear, build, assemble.
originate (verb)
hatch, begin, initiate, introduce, induct, invent, institute, inaugurate, create, start, conceive, commence.
produce (verb)
manufacture, mother, father, cultivate.

Other synonyms:

churn out, yield up, roll out, Prolongate, rush out. lengthen, bang out, spin, trot out, protract, yield, stretch, prolong, indite, wheel out, forge, elongate. extend, procreate, compose. frame, write, exhibit, breed. turn out. assemble, repay. hold up, pay, display. bear. present, show. begin
initiate, introduce.
bang out, indite.
give birth
roll out.
put together
assemble, put together.

Usage examples for produce

  1. " The Society," answers I. " The members are a picking up produce now, I shan't go empty- handed on my mission. – Phemie Frost's Experiences by Ann S. Stephens
  2. They wanted all of us to stay put and produce goods to win the war. – The-Life-of-Me-an-autobiography by Johnson, Clarence Edgar