Synonyms for Flesh:


connective tissue, pigment, matrix, mucus, beige, cream, melanin, tan, tissue, adipose, mucous membrane, fat. earth, world, heretic, irreverent, humankind, atheist, irreligious, homo sapiens, culture, mankind, secular, humanism, humanity, universe, agnostic, godless, unorthodox, man, rationalist. beauty spot, follicle, dermis, fold, beauty mark, epidermis, freckle, birthmark, cuticle. bruising, pectin, hull, nectar, peelings, juice, peel, core, dextrose. body tissue, skin (noun)
fat, meat, beef.
family relationship (noun)
flesh (noun)
build, shape, physical body, figure, physique, chassis, pulp, frame, material body, human body, form, anatomy, bod, soma.
flesh and blood (noun)
relative, Family, kin.
humankind (noun)
humanity, world, homo sapiens.
kinship (noun)
brotherhood, uncle, brother, kinship, cousin, mother, paternity, motherhood, relative, nephew, lineage, Family, kin, kinfolk, niece, relation, fatherhood, consanguinity, blood, heredity, sisterhood, sister, aunt, clan, fraternity, maternity, father, ancestor.
mankind (noun)
meat (noun)
cutlet, Canadian Bacon, hot dog, pork chop, mutton, ham hock, filet mignon, frankfurter, fillet, tenderloin, pork, turkey, flank, rump roast, pot roast, venison, brisket, meat, chop, sausage, smoked sausage, roast beef, roast, chicken, sirloin, hamburger, spareribs, bacon, poultry, tripe, ribs, sirloin steak, T-bone Steak, porterhouse steak, lamb-chop, Meat Loaf, liver, loin chop, lamb, ham, beef, minute steak, kidney, meat pie, veal, ground beef, wiener.

Other synonyms:

cuticle, peelings, dextrose, melanin, homo sapiens, birthmark, humankind, epidermis, connective tissue, mucus, pigment, follicle, freckle, tissue, adipose, dermis, beauty mark, mucous membrane, pectin. mankind, beauty spot. nectar, fat, humanity, matrix. hull, peel, bruising. fold, man, universe, juice, earth. world, core. Other relevant words:
build, bruising, physical body, culture, anatomy, peel, homo sapiens, physique, atheist, cuticle, hull, humanity, dermis, fat, secular, epidermis, bod, frame, peelings, earth, beige, heretic, mankind, juice, nectar, matrix, mucus, follicle, pigment, pectin, irreverent, form, shape, core, tan, humanism, figure, chassis, melanin, soma, adipose, pulp, world, cream, unorthodox, dextrose, rationalist, fold, human body, tissue, agnostic, freckle, birthmark, man, material body, humankind, universe, godless, irreligious.

Usage examples for flesh

  1. I am but flesh and blood- I cannot always answer for myself. – Daisy Burns (Volume 2) by Julia Kavanagh
  2. That boy's ever been a thorn in my flesh – The Loves of Ambrose by Margaret Vandercook
  3. Yes, John struck in, much you care for your flesh an' blood. – The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by Various