Synonyms for Deliver:


come, lead, escort, address, shepherd, utter, drive, read, haul off, walk. bring forth, inaugurate, produce, lecture, dedicate to, chair, parade, orate, commemorate. determine, adjudicate, commit yourself, conclude, distribute, arrive at, come down, give out, settle, resolve, make up your mind, decide. equip, fling, come up with, resource, satisfy, cater to, arrange, hurl. come through, achieve, baby shower, antenatal, fulfill, amniocentesis, amniotic fluid, perform, baby blues, anti-choice, the afterbirth, arrive. canvass, run, stand for, campaign, sweep to/from power, bring into the world. beat, turn over, hand, batter, beat up, smack, HIT, thump, bludgeon, stun, punch. bring, bring around, deal, administer, bring over, bring along. meet, hold to, keep your word, honor, rich, stick to, remember. let out, untie, enfranchise, unleash, let someone go. deliver (noun)
turn in, extradite, get in, redeem, deport, cede, render, return, bear, present, hand over, pitch, surrender, birth, rescue, give birth, have, give up, drive home.


administer; throw (verb)
dispatch, send, transmit, deal, hurl, pitch, fling.
announce, proclaim (verb)
express, impart, present, address, utter, read.
carry (verb)
carry, remove, cart, transmit, convey, haul, transfer, bear, dispatch, express, transport, move, shift.
communication (verb)
discharge, give forth (verb)
dispense, feed, produce, birth, supply, provide.
give (verb)
assist, attribute, allow, send, share, ascribe, bequeath, shower, dispense, expend, present, help, dole, contribute, allot, award, submit, furnish, lend, lavish, grant, bestow, give, fund, endow, provide, supply, pledge, impart, donate, disburse, ration, tender, assign, pay, offer, consign, devote, extend, serve, render.
liberate (verb)
clear, free, reprieve, let loose, set free, disengage, release, liberate, dismiss.
relinquish possession (verb)
give up, grant, surrender, cede, turn over, transfer.
supply (verb)
board, deploy, replenish, feed, sell, cater, reload, reinforce, clothe.
transfer, carry (verb)
bring, give, convey, bear, hand over, remit, cart, hand, distribute, transport.

Other synonyms:

bring, corrupt, walk, buffer, untie, commemorate, lead, emulate, haul off, decode, inaugurate, boot, shepherd, orate, bring along, perform, read, achieve, bring around, lecture, parade, escort. remember, administer. hold to, let out, honor. come through, stick to, fulfill, run. address. deal. meet. answer
dish out
give out.
set free, let out, let loose.
stick to.
call up.
cater to.
turn over
turn over.

Usage examples for deliver

  1. It was then that Stan remembered he was supposed to deliver his plane to Malta in good condition. – A Yankee Flier in Italy by Rutherford G. Montgomery
  2. All my words are true, I am mighty to save, and will deliver my Mansoul out of his hand. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  3. The stadholder determined to deliver a sudden blow upon this tender spot, break through the lines, and bring on a general action by surprise. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley