Synonyms for Root:


beat, chord, C, crotchet, B, bulb, rootstock, bass, tuber, double flat, DO, D. beanstalk, bud, boll, heart, aerial root, bract, bur, reason, blade, anther. spirit, starting point, meat, core, gist, arrival, introduction, conception, onset, Gravamen, soul, stuff, substance, pith, essence, kernel, be, appearance, quintessence, nub, marrow. arithmetic progression, common multiple, fundamental, rudiment, common factor, over, Arabic Numeral, constant, computation. focus, center, die back, bottom, climb, blossom, fade, hub, come up, bear, choke, quick, come out, bloom. fatherland, homeland, words, the old country, someone's native soil, home town, birthplace, roots, mother country. brain cell, central nervous system, brainstem, cerebral, brain damage, brainwave, cerebellum, cerebral cortex, brain death, brain. hunt, feed off, browse, ruminate, graze, feed, prey on, feed on. hunt down, search, probe, look out for, search out, scavenge, seek out, pick through, look for, go through. base, core (noun)
center, tuber, radix, essence, quintessence, source, soul, starting point, well, reason, cause, basis, mainspring, derivation, substance, fountain, stem, quick, provenance, fountainhead, occasion, nub, fundamental, origin, Provenience, motive, stuff, heart, pith, marrow, bottom.
beginning (noun)
starting point.
bottom (noun)
soul, mainspring.
cause (noun)
cause, enforcement, effectuation, force, drive, compunction, motive, motivator, basis, execution, elicitation, mainspring, generation, factor, grounds, source, origination, evocation, provocation, determinant, action, compulsion, stimulus, inspiration.
causes (noun)
contributor, catalyst, influence, impetus, trigger, culprit, occasion.
mathematics (noun)
fraction, arithmetic, dividend, index, multiplier, cube root, increment, integral, exponent, power, cube, multiplicand, reciprocal, numerator, calculus, algebra, logarithm, subtrahend, differential calculus, square root, Multiplicator, quadratics, geometry, multiple, denominator, minuend, antilogarithm, algorithm, divisor, trigonometry, quotient, formula, coefficient, modulus, radix.
motive (noun)
root (noun)
ascendant, root word, source, etymon, antecedent, take root, base, origin, ancestor, radical, ascendent, side, rout, rootle, theme, steady down, beginning, solution, settle, tooth root, basic, stem, pull, rootage, settle down.
rudiment (noun)
vegetable (noun)


dig and search (verb)
place, hunt, embed.
install (verb)
embed, implant, position, ensconce, establish, fix, locate, insert, Instate, graft, plant, connect, initiate, build in, install, put, place.

Other synonyms:

rudiment, prey on, essence, Gravamen, rootstock, feed on, Provenience, fount. heart, hub, ruminate, quintessence, pith, marrow, fountainhead, provenance, kernel, core, feed off, stuff, gist. focus, bottom, nub, meat, well, hunt, reason. browse, parent, fountain, substance, center. mother, graze. quick. soul. spirit. feed. entrench
search, look for.

Usage examples for root

  1. In this loneliness of despair, life must find The Life; for joy is gone, and life is all that is left: it is compelled to seek its source, its root its eternal life. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  2. However, I do not greatly fear this illness of mine taking root in them. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge