Synonyms for Spring:


springlike (adjective)


brook, beck, creek, geyser, hot spring, feeder, artesian well, river, rill, canal. june, British Summer Time, fall, april, may, midsummer, budding, daylight-saving time, autumn, midsummer day, autumnal, seedtime, the midnight sun, equinox, season, midwinter. dive, move, fly. skitter, running jump, flying tackle, flip, trip. erupt, break through, come and go, crop up, pop up, descend on, spring up, shoot up. flow, derive, not hang around, arise, hasten to do something, whiz through, hurry, hurry-up, proceed, come, zip through, gallop through, sail through, toss off, emanate, force through, Upspring, issue. flicker, descend, jerk, lunge, kin, jolt, lurch, twitch, come at. length, free, strap, release, manumit, liberate, loose, stick, pole, strip, string, emancipate, thread, line, filament. plasticity, suppleness, play, malleability, flexibility, time, stretch, pliability, vernal, sponginess, resilience. beginning (noun)
stem, genesis, cradle, creation, prelude, earliness, source, precursor, introduction, birth, nativity, emergence, derivation, nascency, infancy, inception, babyhood, conception, start, origin, commencement, beginning, inauguration, embryo, hatching, sprout, preparation, dawn.
body of rushing waters (noun)
artesian well, hot spring, geyser.
jump, skip (noun)
flexibility, resilience.
leap (noun)
hurdle, hop, skip, jump, leap, vault.
leaps (noun)
hurdle, hop, skip, jump, leap, vault.
origin (noun)
beginning, source, cause.
season following winter (noun)
budding, seedtime.
stream (noun)


begin (verb)
create, commence, initiate, form, emerge, embark, induct, develop, prepare, bud, introduce, inaugurate, conceive, originate, hatch, initialize, undertake, germinate, begin.
jump, skip (verb)
hurdle, bound, vault, hop, leap, trip, start, skitter.
leap (verb)
capriole, bound, hop, leap, jump, hurdle, pounce, skip, vault.
originate, emerge (verb)
develop, stem, descend, arise, emanate, flow, come, commence, begin, hatch, birth, shoot up, Upspring, derive, proceed, issue.

Other synonyms:

june, dive, may, skitter, spring up, seedtime, april, running jump, flying tackle, malleability. emancipate, crop up, filament, plasticity, manumit, flexibility, twitch, Upspring, descend on. liberate, break through, release, lurch, pliability, resilience. jerk, shoot up, derive, erupt. flicker, strap, pole, descend, jolt. length, pop up. flip. thread. strip. come, string, fly. stick. line. appear
break through, pop up, crop up.

Usage examples for spring

  1. " We should till spring maybe. – The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. If we can find a spring we shall do well. – The Dragon and the Raven or, The Days of King Alfred by G. A. Henty
  3. But I want my spring – The Jonathan Papers by Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris