Synonyms for Vulgar:


common, general (adjective)
ordinary, popular, vernacular, colloquial, Familiar, plebeian.
dirty (adjective)
discourteous (adjective)
contemptuous, disrespectful, caddish, ill-mannered, brutish, uncivil, uncivilized, rude, impolite, brash, barbarous, discourteous, tactless, impertinent, uncouth, coarse, crude.
earthy (adjective)
inelegant (adjective)
undignified, raw, graceless, earthy, gross, brutish, unpolished, crude, clumsy, barbarous, tawdry, unrefined, tactless, tasteless, uncivil, awkward, coarse, boorish, gawky, inelegant, rude.
lowly (adjective)
mean (adjective)
obscene (adjective)
filthy, gross, dirty, obscene, naughty, scatologic, pornographic, indecent, lewd.
ostentatious (adjective)
raunchy (adjective)
in bad taste.
rude, offensive (adjective)
common, unrefined, cheap, gross, impolite, uncouth, filthy, indelicate, boorish, indecent, naughty, tasteless, ignoble, base, sordid, dirty, tawdry, low, coarse, smutty, obscene, ribald, repulsive, profane, rough, off-color, scatological, crude, raw, nasty.
vulgar (adjective)
brutish, unrefined, glaring, profane, colloquial, brazen, ill-bred, chintzy, clumsy, unpolished, barbaric, rough, philistine, barnyard, common, rank, unseemly, obscene, homespun, idiomatic, cheap, crass, undignified, graceless, garish, rude, tawdry, in bad taste, inelegant, revolting, coarse-grained, sleazy, outlandish, tactless, depraved, base, earthy, scandalous, sordid, salty, indelicate, low, coarse, ignoble, broad, boorish, repulsive, ignominious, offensive, crude, animal, gross, tasteless, degraded, gaudy, cockney, unbecoming, shameless, raw.


lowly (adverb)


hasty, mean, undiscriminating, unthinking, impulsive, shallow, baseborn, irresponsible, over, impetuous, lowly, ill-considered, humble, Declassed, mindless, foolish. common (noun)
ordinary, Familiar, popular.
vulgar (noun)
common, lowborn, vernacular, indecent, gross, informal, uncouth, crude, plebeian, coarse, unrefined, unwashed, earthy.

Other synonyms:

nasty, Fescennine, Declassed, lewd, scatologic, raunchy. bawdy, lowly, scatological, baseborn, uncultured, foul. smutty, popular, barbarian, uncultivated. indecent

Usage examples for vulgar

  1. The vulgar would see her standing off beyond their reach, and waste no breath upon her. – Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism by Allen Putnam
  2. What a vulgar set they are, to be sure, the more's the pity! – Birds in the Bush by Bradford Torrey
  3. That first quarrel, he said, as related in the Bible, was exceedingly vulgar – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli