Synonyms for Generate:


arouse, ignite, kin, touch, rouse, affect, awaken. get together, realize, secure, trigger, occasion, gross, touch off, effectuate, result in, bring on, stir, set off, net, Ingenerate, get back, lead to. start-off. emit, beam, spill, give out, discharge, stream, issue from, send out, give off. generate (noun)
engender, return, yield, father, sire, get, render, give, mother, beget, bring forth.


cause (verb)
give rise to, act, evoke, provoke, drive, motivate, bring about, engineer, make, induce, execute, elicit, inspire, produce, engender, force, effect, cause, enforce, originate.
create (verb)
construct, form, build, formulate, fabricate, develop.
creation (verb)
give, yield, render, return.
originate (verb)
begin, invent, inaugurate, initiate, commence, conceive, introduce, institute, create, hatch, start, induct.
procreate (verb)
beget, propagate, breed, procreate.
produce (verb)
cultivate, mother, father, manufacture.
produce, create (verb)
institute, occasion, induce, engender, procreate, form, hatch, give rise to, propagate, make, provoke, inaugurate, develop, bring about, breed, beget, originate, cause, introduce, effect, initiate.

Other synonyms:

give off, effectuate, Ingenerate, issue from, trigger. give out, send out. get back, stream, realize, stir. get together, spill. gross. discharge. net. begin
initiate, introduce.
bring on
lead to.
yield, set off.

Usage examples for generate

  1. In our own nation, these forces have brought strength and prosperity; once released, they will generate rising incomes in these other countries with which to buy the products of American industry, labor and agriculture. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  2. He could not generate amusement for me, but he sympathized with what I could find for myself. – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald