Synonyms for Result:


information, detail, data, word, datum, A to Z, findings, news, report, fact. accounting package, accounting, account for, accountancy, accountant, determination, ask, account, accounts receivable, assessor, Annual Report, accounts payable. add up to, turn out, flow from, culminate in, attend, grow out of, end in, come out of. side effect, impact, influence, end result, the upshot (of something), the aftermath. greatness, the big time, luck, victory, success, triumph, results, fortune, health. consequence (noun)
backwash, repercussion, determination, arrangement, emanation, fallout, denouement, outcropping, finish, decision, fruition, backlash, ensual, completion, consummation, returns.
effect (noun)
eventuality, fruit, wake, sequence, event, effect, outgrowth, upshot, issue, offspring, consequence, aftermath, outcome, aftereffect.
effect brought about by something (noun)
emanation, determination, outcome, corollary, issue, consummation, backwash, completion, event, repercussion, fruition, decision, aftereffect, outcropping, arrangement, consequence, eventuality, harvest, finish, termination, sequence, upshot, returns, denouement, aftermath, ensual, outgrowth, fruit.
end (noun)
end product (noun)
final result.
result (noun)
lead, upshot, outcome, event, solvent, resultant, issue, resultant role, final result, ensue, leave, termination, resolution, solution, answer, effect, consequence.


effect (verb)
ensue (verb)
develop, follow, eventuate, approach, destine, ensue, impend.
follow (verb)
lag, tail, succeed, chase, descend, pursue, trail.
influence (verb)
side effect.

Other synonyms:

fruition, flow from, end product, the aftermath, corollary, end result, end in, come out of. add up to, grow out of, influence. turn out, ramification. determination. consequence

Usage examples for result

  1. The result we read as l'h. – Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll
  2. He said he would have some of them made up with hair and old paper, and I could put them in without a word and see the result – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin