Synonyms for Father:


Pappy, dad, daddy, papa, pop, progenitor, archbishopric, bishopric, the Archbishop of Canterbury, P.A.. fertilize, fertilise, conceive, parson, conception, artificial insemination, assisted reproduction, fertilization. birth mother, hermit, martyr, prophet, empty nester, birth father, commentator, deadbeat dad, custodial parent, birth parent. old man. precede, ascendant, foremother, predecessor, antecedent. entrepreneur. protoplast, master, original, prototype, archetype. clergy (noun)
priest, clergyman, abbess, evangelist, pastor, cleric, brother, archpriest, rector, ecclesiastic, chaplain, prior, pope, novice, nun, cardinal, minister, abbot, prelate, pilgrim, vicar, reverend, friar, missionary, canon, archbishop, preacher, sister, monk, prioress, Canoness, curate, archdeacon, bishop.
discoverer (noun)
fountainhead (noun)
male (noun)
male person who begets children (noun)
predecessor, begetter, papa, progenitor, dad, daddy, parent, Procreator, sire, padre, ancestor, pop.
man (noun)
uncle, nephew.
original (noun)
paternity (noun)
sire, parent, forefather, Procreator, founder, forebear, engenderer, responsibility.
priest (noun)
pastor, preacher, minister, reverend, ecclesiastic, clergyman, parson.
producer (noun)
maker, manufacturer, inventor, fabricator, executrix, originator, impresario, director, composer, producer, author, creator, executor, architect.


father (verb)
procreate, Pappy, found, P.A., engender, dad, papa.
produce (verb)
make, manufacture, invent, form, fabricate, originate, generate, develop, create, produce, construct, cultivate, execute, build.
sire (verb)
originate, create, engender, found, generate, invent, beget, conceive, produce, procreate.

Other synonyms:

assisted reproduction, fertilization, custodial parent, birth parent, the Holy Ghost, daddy, protoplast, apostolic, christ, His, deadbeat dad, foremother, birth father, artificial insemination, Him, birth mother, old man, empty nester. conception. predecessor. master. pop. reproduce
bring forth.

Usage examples for father

  1. My father will not believe it. – The Social History of Smoking by G. L. Apperson
  2. Is this our father Mr. McComas? – You-Never-Can-Tell by Shaw, Bernard
  3. Agnes, your father General Harrington- your father – Mabel's Mistake by Ann S. Stephens