Synonyms for Set up:


board, inhabit, settle down, squat, come from, populate, settle, reside, arrive, live. allege, charge, bring before, bring someone up on charges of something, prefer charges (against someone), implicate, prosecute, indict, accuse, impeach. inaugurate, play out, fake, play along, simulate, pretend, tease, keep up. throw up, pay for, extend, patronize, go up. disburse, finance, spend, invest in, bear the cost/expense etc., originate, pay out, pay, begin, fund. confirm, take on, sign, hire, engage, sign on, retain, appoint, employ. dream up, finalize, think ahead, map out. plan, orchestrate, choreograph, hold, convene. start up, open, go into, move into, incorporate. invent, catalyze, form, create, set off, trigger, start-off. encounter, bump into, come-on, come across, meet up, see, run into.


assemble (verb)
connect, fit, form.
bed (verb)
begin (verb)
trigger, go into.
book (verb)
hire, engage.
build (verb)
throw up.
compose (verb)
dream up, invent, orchestrate.
install (verb)
set up (verb)
originate, open, begin, inaugurate, create.

Other synonyms:

convene, begin. incorporate, move into, throw up. create, extend, start up. go into, go up, plan, originate. hold. open. begin
pay for.
Other relevant words:
fake, begin, settle, form, throw up, pay, patronize, connect, open, trigger, hold, fit, plan, invent, pay for, inaugurate, go into, finance, originate, orchestrate, fund, create.