Synonyms for Archetype:


instance, the personification of something, case, template, stereotype. father, start, protoplast. archetype (noun)
original, pilot.
cognition (noun)
original, pilot.
original (noun)
original, prototype, forerunner, precursor, pattern.
prototype (noun)
genotype, specimen, model, exemplar, standard, bench mark, mould, norm, yardstick, paradigm.
typical example (noun)
prototype, model, pattern, standard, original, paradigm.

Other synonyms:

instance, protoplast. template. stereotype. case, father.

Usage examples for archetype

  1. There is hardly any height of spiritual thought attained in the world that has not its archetype or its echo in the stretch of Greek literature that lies between Thales and Plotinus, embracing much of the 'Wisdom- Teachers' and of St. Paul. – Five Stages of Greek Religion by Gilbert Murray