Synonyms for Steady:


abiding (adjective)
continuing, steadfast, permanent, everlasting, perpetual, enduring, lasting.
all (adjective)
assiduous (adjective)
indefatigable, diligent, persevering, zealous.
calm (adjective)
continuing (adjective)
continuous (adjective)
robot-like, uniform, nonstop, un-intermittent, habitual, even, lasting, straight, undeviating, everlasting, sequential, gapless, unceasing, regular, continuing, consistent, indefatigable, unremitting, interminable, seamless, constant, monotonous, recurrent, unvarying, monolithic, featureless, cyclical, unchanging, continuous, unbroken, invariable, perpetual, repeated, level, coherent, connected, incessant, ceaseless, undying, perennial, homogeneous, consecutive, unchangeable, unending, persistent, endless, repetitive, flat, continual.
habitual (adjective)
ordered (adjective)
efficient, regular, systematic, arranged, normal, symmetrical, ordered, consistent, tight, harmonious, uniform, balanced, stable, methodical.
regular (adjective)
habitual, universal, Familiar, chronic, common, traditional, constant, average, orthodox, periodic, regular, commonplace, mundane, recurrent, accustomed, epochal, prevailing, ordinary, canonical, monotonous, standard, usual, routine, rhythmic, frequent, cyclical, stock, general, continual, normal, customary, Predominating, conventional, metronomic, everyday.
resolute (adjective)
implacable, willing, courageous, devoted, steely, ruthless, reliable, determined, firm, uncompromising, indefatigable, deliberate, stubborn, zealous, fearless, unbending, true, decisive, decided, stern, dedicated, hearty, loyal, faithful, insistent, thorough, persistent, steadfast, tough, resolute, earnest, unwavering, valiant, unchangeable, dauntless, unshakeable, diligent, bullheaded, inexorable, iron-willed, unflinching, bold, resolved, indomitable, staunch, strong-minded, tireless, relentless, unyielding, spunky, strong-willed, intent, headstrong, set, constant, serious, dogged, plucky, tenacious, persevering, committed.
sober (adjective)
stable (adjective)
immovable, stable, firm, changeless, set, continuous, consistent, persistent, invariable, permanent, steadfast, durable, constant, solid.
steady (adjective)
steadfast, enduring, cool, sure, durable, firm, regular, set, consistent, incessant, reserved, sensible, faithful, calm, reliable, serene, immovable, resolute, unremitting, unchangeable, continuous, equable, solid, staid, steady-going, unfluctuating, constant, dependable, even, changeless, stable, staunch, persistent, unvarying, unbroken, unwavering, nonstop, habitual, imperturbable, never-ending, unchanging, loyal, unfaltering, uniform, ceaseless, rhythmic.
uniform (adjective)
homogeneous, undiversified, consistent, alike, equable, seamless, uniform, invariable, unvarying, same, undeviating, level, unbroken, regular, undifferentiated, consonant, indistinguishable, monolithic, even, assonant, like.


all (adverb)


practical, rational, sensible, realistic, logical, Clear-headed, pragmatic, Grounded, mature. on and on, enduring, be courted, go with, for some time, love, extended, long, go together, never-ending, long-term, prolonged, court. unmovable, bargain, Capping, bottom out, unmoving, cheapen, beat down, bounce back, stationary, climb, cap, move, appraise. look before you leap, end in tears, beware, continue, watch it, too many cooks (spoil the broth), you can't be too careful, look out, if I were you, it's a good idea to do something, don't you dare. hold on, grasp, carry, clutch, purpose, hold tight, keep hold of something, cradle, grip, hang on, grab. date, the man/woman in your life, old flame, significant other, a steady boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, squeeze. taut, tense. immune, might (just) as well, unaltered, negation, untouched, ineffectual, unaffected. beau (noun)
lover, love, sweetheart.
boyfriend (noun)
lover (noun)
person (noun)
sweetie, sweetheart, truelove.
steady (noun)
invariable, stabilise, sweetheart, brace, unfaltering, invariant, footsure, unshakable, unwavering, frequent, steadfast, resolute, dependable, constant, stabilize, steadily, unvarying, unbendable, sweetie, unfluctuating, level, calm, stable, firm, rock-steady, surefooted, fastened, changeless, even, fixed, steadied, unexcitable, secure, regular, steady-going, truelove, becalm, sure.


balance (verb)
level, stabilize.

Other synonyms:

stately, ineffectual, unmoving, untouched. date, taut, negation, languid, stationary, immune, lover. tense. slow, squeeze. calm

Usage examples for steady

  1. " The moment I saw your card, Peter, I knew why you had come here," she said, trying to steady her voice. – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  2. " My business is as important to me as Uncle Samuel's is to him," she told him in a steady matter- of- fact voice. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory