Synonyms for Secure:


all (adjective)
unafraid, untroubled.
certain, definite (adjective)
determined, able, stable, established, confident, self-confident, self-assured, steadfast, assured.
defensive (adjective)
cautious, countering, guarded, guarding, wary, defensive, protective, shielding, armored, buffering, Sheltering.
fastened, stable (adjective)
fortified, firm, fast, tight, sure, steady, bound, sound, strong, tenacious.
safe (adjective)
protected, sheltered, under lock and key, immune, Defended, unassailable, out of danger, sure, unharmed, impregnable, guarded, harmless, safe, shielded, inviolable.
self-confident (adjective)
tight (adjective)
tight, taut, tense, dense, stiff, rigid, firm, snug.


come by, find, derive, accept, get together, bring. connect, safety, pin, attach, tie, clip. confident, belief, avoidable, self-possessed, self-assured, innocuous, attitude, controllable, preventable, self-confident. burned-out, baronial, stable, comfortable, colonial, appointed, carpeted, beachfront, brownstone, carbuncle, sturdy, cavernous, continue. dignified, forceful, fast, assertive, proud, bold. firm (noun)
bound, fastened.
secure (noun)
good, sheltered, guarantee, assure, procure, steady, safe-deposit, ensure, protected, guaranteed, unafraid, dependable, bonded, weatherproof, out of danger, covert, promised, tightened, moated, in safe custody, tight, burglarproof, inviolable, snug, fortified, unattackable, stormproof, sure, established, impregnable, safety-deposit, unassailable, shielded, firm, strong, battlemented, bastioned, assured, stop up, plug, fasten, insure, untroubled, fix, warranted, certified, batten, safe, secured, batten down, fail-safe, sound.
self-confident (noun)
confident, able, steadfast, stable, determined.


acquire (verb)
corner, wrangle, annex, accumulate, incur, purchase, heap, amass, harvest, palm, score, lure, claim, bag, reap, garner, acquire, assume, net, pocket, retrieve, buy, collect, fetch, receive, land, add, procure.
attach, tie up (verb)
tighten, tie, tie down, batten down, fix, close, bolt, fasten.
capture (verb)
catch, gain, win, apprehend, snare, occupy, take, obtain, seize, arrest, abduct, achieve, collar, get, capture.
close (verb)
bolt, seal, fasten, stop, latch, close, jam, join, block, shut, lock.
closed (verb)
closed, hermetic, airtight, clenched, sealed, unopened, up.
defend (verb)
return, retort, protect, answer, bar, buffer, avert, argue, barricade, guard, shelter, respond, ward, support, shield, reply, uphold, oppose, fend, screen, resist, defend, counter, police, backfire, save, rebut, counterattack, cover, sustain.
guarantee (verb)
countersign, assure, vouch, promise, pledge, affirm, guarantee, bond, certify, ensure, warrant, insure, safeguard.
obtain (verb)
capture, gain, get, catch, come by, annex, ensure, procure, lock, land, acquire, assure, guarantee, bag, achieve, take, win, buy, insure.
protect (verb)
maintain, preserve, conserve.
protect, make safe (verb)
fend, guard, cover, defend, safeguard, screen, shield.
stabilize (verb)
stabilize, tie down, constrain, fix.
tighten (verb)
stiffen, tighten.

Other synonyms:

innocuous, safety, preventable, avoidable, Clinging, controllable. unerring, self-possessed, stable, clip, self-assured, infallible, fast, pin. sturdy, tenacious, confident. attach, connect. unfailing. bring. acquire
come by.
shut, stop up.
watch over.
stand up for.
safeguard, shield, defend.
stop up
Other relevant words:
confident, assured, attach, determined, steady, sound, fastened, fast, steadfast, come by, stable, tie, established, derive, unfailing, bound.

Usage examples for secure

  1. Lady Clara was specially her friend, and she was too anxious to secure such a sister- in- law to make any joke upon such a subject. – Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope
  2. I like that truth about a good dinner 'availing' to secure peace, and the advice to 'caress' your bear when he is at his crossest. – Clover by Susan Coolidge
  3. Even newspaper men rarely made the long trip from Boston or New York to secure his opinions, and when they came it was by permission and appointment. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009