Synonyms for Tricky:


all (adjective)
complicated, difficult (adjective)
touchy, sticky, ticklish, knotty, sensitive, thorny, delicate, intricate, complex, critical, touch-and-go, catchy, perplexing, involved, unstable.
difficult (adjective)
grinding, complicated, fussy, difficult, arduous, wearisome, wearying, thorny, contrary, harsh, ticklish, finicky, tight, tough, uphill, demanding, wearing, rugged, complex, cumbersome, oppressive, rough, formidable, adverse, burdensome, knotty, strenuous, severe, toilsome, troublesome, trying, laborious, onerous, cantankerous, bothersome, hard, stressful.
dishonest (adjective)
impressionable (adjective)
intuitive (adjective)
sophisticated, crafty, shrewd, astute, clever, cunning, far-sighted, instinctual, instinctive, intuitive, sly, insightful, canny, artful, wily.
untruthful (adjective)
witty (adjective)
ingenious, waggish, deft, inventive, sparkling, facetious, comical, astute, funny, foxy, quick-witted, resourceful, intelligent, sophisticated, wily, joking, brilliant, sarcastic, adroit, clever, artful, cunning, shrewd, scintillating, subtle, urbane, smart, jocular, crafty, sharp, canny, witty, pointed, dry, scurrilous, sly, droll, pithy, quick.


taxing, be an effort, challenging, punishing. delicate, touch-and-go, sensitive. sticky. tricky (noun)
difficult, artful, cunning, dodgy, slick, wily, hard, tricksy, knavish, sly, untrustworthy, guileful, slippery, foxy, untrusty, crafty, catchy.

Other synonyms:

dishonest. touchy. sticky. sensitive. delicate. involved
Other relevant words:
guileful, critical, touch-and-go, tricksy, dishonest, involved, fraudulent, untrusty, delicate, deceitful, touchy, unprincipled, catchy, awkward, corrupt, sensitive, untrustworthy, unscrupulous, intricate, knavish, dubious, unstable, dodgy, untruthful, sticky, perplexing.

Usage examples for tricky

  1. " Why, that tricky thing- you know, in the second act- is the darlingest thing I ever heard. – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  2. It was no good trying some tricky approach; his best bet was the straight- from- the- shoulder bit. – Greylorn by John Keith Laumer