Synonyms for Moderate:


acceptable (adjective)
all (adjective)
temperate, restrained.
average (adjective)
median, midmost, mid, dominant, common, commonplace, customary, average, middle-of-the-road, conventional, stereotype, mezzo, normal, run-of-the-mill, mean, mediocre, ordinary, usual, standard, stock, middling, halfway, everyday, predominant, medium.
calm (adjective)
relaxed, even-tempered, collected, mild, unexcitable, quiet, peaceful, placid, pacific, still, tranquil, calm, unruffled, easygoing, sedate, composed, serene, impassive, undisturbed, cool.
cheap (adjective)
marked down.
economical (adjective)
sparing, parsimonious, stingy, cheap, thrifty, prudent, frugal, austere, self-denying, cheeseparing, economical.
fair, average, so-so (adjective)
fairish, mediocre, passable, ordinary, medium, indifferent, mean, middling, intermediate.
gradual (adjective)
imperceptible, gentle, easy, gradual, even.
light (adjective)
moderate (adjective)
relaxed, alleviated, soft, subdued, pacific, gentle, soothing, tranquil, easy, calm, temperate, quiet, restrained, cool, composed, innocuous.
sober (adjective)
abstinent, sober, temperate, Clear-headed, teetotaling, dry, restrained.
unexcitable (adjective)
meek, reserved, stolid, imperturbable, mild, detached, self-controlled, self-composed, inscrutable, controlled, frigid, tranquil, cool, aloof, neutral, demure, apathetic, unhurried, staid, poker-faced, passionless, numb, serene, stoic, level-headed, composed, easygoing, nonchalant, cold-blooded, deadpan, stoical, unflappable, calm, even-tempered, unexcitable, impassive, placid, dispassionate, steady.
unoriginal (adjective)


friend, sponsor, marked down, expensive, inexpensive, supporter, reduced, nominal, sympathizer, follower, proponent, advocate, dear, exponent, inconsiderable, low-priced, ideologue, adherent. practical, extremist, pragmatic, rational, nonviolent, mature, radical, realistic, logical, respectable, middle class, Clear-headed, Grounded, sensible, impartial, nonpartisan. erode, abstemious, straight, shrivel, chip away, careful, wasteful, dilute. regular, edge, big, middle-sized, mid-range, Medium-sized. discreet, restraint, plain. popular, money. light. good, passable, adequate, goodish, tolerable, all-right, decent, O.K., sufficient, acceptable, satisfactory, tidy.


alleviate (verb)
lessen, palliate, reduce, relieve, assuage, allay, mitigate.
communication (verb)
lead, chair.
economize (verb)
economize, conserve, budget, scrimp, pinch pennies, save.
mediate, arbitrate (verb)
moderate (verb)
compose, abate, soften, quiet, ease, restrain, cool, soothe, tranquilize, pacify, calm, relax, subdue, alleviate.
pacify (verb)
hush, mollify, conciliate, lull, smooth, defuse, ebb, stabilize, quell, appease, placate, reconcile.
restrain, control (verb)
soften, mitigate, abate, mollify, tone down, relieve, quiet, reduce, pacify, appease, temper, chasten, calm, lessen, alleviate, check, subdue, allay, assuage, curb.

Other synonyms:

goodish, mid-range, Medium-sized, chip away, middle-sized. slight, erode. dilute, all-right, sufficient, discreet, tidy, satisfactory, adequate, passable, tolerable, acceptable. decent. popular. regular. abstinent
Other relevant words:
temper, moderationist, adequate, modest, tone down, satisfactory, reasonable, respectable, nominal, deliberate, tolerable, goodish, fairish, measured, decent, inexpensive, tidy, control, fair, low-priced.

Usage examples for moderate

  1. As for all sensible and moderate claims, oh! – Paris From the "Three Cities" by Emile Zola
  2. And yet the most moderate kind, considerate of all the papers, the last week, was his paper. – Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890 by Octavius Brooks Frothingham
  3. " Not slow, Granny, just moderate corrected Grand- daddy. – Grand-Daddy Whiskers, M.D. by Nellie M. Leonard