Synonyms for Lasting:


abiding (adjective)
persistent, steadfast, steady, enduring.
all (adjective)
persistent, permanent.
continuing (adjective)
continuous (adjective)
consistent, flat, unremitting, continuous, unchangeable, unceasing, unending, unchanging, continual, interminable, gapless, connected, straight, invariable, ceaseless, cyclical, indefatigable, even, continuing, habitual, perennial, persistent, sequential, steady, monolithic, seamless, undying, nonstop, repetitive, everlasting, monotonous, level, coherent, robot-like, featureless, undeviating, unvarying, perpetual, recurrent, repeated, incessant, un-intermittent, endless, regular, constant, uniform, homogeneous, unbroken, consecutive.
durable (adjective)
perpetual, perennial, eternal, lifetime, interminable, livelong, long, prolonged, incessant, durable, enduring, everlasting, lengthy, long-life, lifelong.
enduring, unending (adjective)
continual, old, unceasing, undying, perpetual, everlasting, endless, indissoluble, eternal, continuing, incessant, permanent, perennial, durable, lifelong, abiding, persisting, constant, long-term, unremitting.
ongoing (adjective)
permanent (adjective)
permanent, unchangeable, constant, persistent, abiding, indissoluble, enduring, perpetual, everlasting, fixed, immutable.
perpetual (adjective)
infinite, immortal, eternal, incessant, constant, enduring, continual, endless, permanent, uninterrupted, ceaseless, interminable, unceasing, everlasting.
persevering (adjective)
persistent, persevering, unflagging, patient, enduring, steadfast, stoical, tenacious, abiding, brave, unfaltering, unwavering, indefatigable, surviving, indomitable.


long-term, on and on, for some time, never-ending, extended. continue, old, long-standing. lasting (noun)
ageless, long-lasting, standing, unceasing, perpetual, everlasting, eonian, imperishable, eternal, durable, immortal, permanent, long-lived, enduring, indissoluble, abiding, persistent, aeonian, long, unending.


abiding (verb)
putting up with, going on, Experiencing, enduring, Undergoing, lingering, persevering, remaining, Tolerating, abiding, suffering, Tarrying, bearing, persisting, continuing.
aging (verb)
declining, seasoning, ripening, aging, growing old, Maturing, deteriorating, developing, mellowing.
enduring (verb)
Outliving, Prolonging, outlasting.
existing (verb)
existing, prevailing, Occurring, being, Subsisting, living.
perpetuating (verb)
persevering (verb)
remaining (verb)

Other synonyms:

extended, never-ending, long-standing. long-term. old. Other relevant words:
continue, ageless, aeonian, never-ending, imperishable, long-lived, indissoluble, long-lasting, standing, eonian, extended, old, long-standing, long-term.

Usage examples for lasting

  1. In self- hypnosis, you suggest to yourself that at a specific count you will have a very pleasant dream lasting for several minutes, at the end of which time you will awaken feeling refreshed. – A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Melvin Powers
  2. The dead man was alive again; yet the shock to me was just as great and the effect as lasting as if he had been truly dead. – Far Away and Long Ago by W. H. Hudson
  3. What are the most lasting things on earth? – The High Deeds of Finn and other Bardic Romances of Ancient Ireland by T. W. Rolleston