Synonyms for Abiding:


all (adjective)
enduring, imperishable.
continued (adjective)
persistent, prolonged, persevering, extended, continued, sustained, maintained, unceasing, protracted, interminable.
continuing (adjective)
long-lived, perdurable.
continuing or existing for an indefinite time (adjective)
lasting, permanent, steadfast, continuing, constant, persistent, everlasting, persisting, perpetual, enduring.
enduring (adjective)
enduring, long-lasting.
permanent (adjective)
permanent, perpetual, persistent, everlasting, constant, enduring, immutable, lasting, unchangeable, fixed.
persevering (adjective)
stoical, brave, indomitable, lasting, indefatigable, surviving, steadfast, enduring, persistent, unflagging, tenacious, patient, persevering, unwavering, unfaltering.


for good, rigid, unvarying, firm, whatever happens, final, irreversible. long-lived, perdurable, perennial, long-lasting, long-standing, continue, old. abiding (noun)
lasting, enduring, imperishable, permanent.


abiding (verb)
persevering, bearing, enduring, Tolerating, continuing, putting up with, lingering, Tarrying, going on, suffering, persisting, lasting, Undergoing, Experiencing, remaining.
continuing (verb)
Maintaining, Prolonging, Extending, Sustaining, Protracting.
existing (verb)
living, prevailing, being, Subsisting, existing, Occurring.
living (verb)
surviving, Residing, dwelling.
persevering (verb)

Other synonyms:

long-lasting, long-standing. perdurable, perennial, long-lived. old. Other relevant words:
old, perdurable, long-standing, imperishable, firm, rigid, long-lived, unvarying, perennial, long-lasting.

Usage examples for abiding

  1. She was by nature, as I have said, a law- abiding creature, with a natural reverence for authority. – Peggy by Laura E. Richards
  2. This is a strict, law- abiding old- fashioned town. – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben
  3. The Daily Telegraph, for instance began, " There will be little difference among our readers or among all truly English and law- abiding men touching the, etc. – The Ball and The Cross by G.K. Chesterton