Synonyms for Operate:


usable, public, available, administer, manage, vacant, accessible, going, open, on offer, spare, seasonal. flick, concern, bring about, achieve, succeed, bend, actuate, promote, complete, fulfill, produce, enforce, benefit, coax, get across, finish, eject, crank, flash, accomplish, energize, activate, determine. bring out, amputate, affect, excise, come into play, impact, cut, make a difference, take effect, put, treat, explore, interact. thrive, get ahead, break through, outpace, get on with, plod along, forge ahead, get along, reach. prioritize, restructure, marshal, systematize, reorganize, codify, structure, coordinate. anesthetize, anaesthetize, over, bring back, cauterize, bypass, catheterize, attend, catch, bandage. cope, into operation, come-on, cut in, go on, action. operate (noun)
lock, manoeuvre, engage, go, function, work, run, maneuver, operate on, mesh, control.


apply (verb)
serve, effect, apply, implement, exert, utilize, use, employ, practice.
conduct (verb)
manage, attend, control.
operate (verb)
react, bend, act, finish, burn, determine, serve, convey, DO, promote, lift, work, excise, explore, produce, progress, exert, accomplish, enforce, run, complete, benefit, administer, treat, revolve, spin, conduct, engage, carry on, contact, amputate, fulfill, behave, maneuver, tick, concern, cut, move, achieve, bring about, go, advance, roll.
perform, function (verb)
click, HIT.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

prioritize, systematize, manage, restructure, reorganize, codify. structure, coordinate, cope. marshal, HIT. cut in. come-on. go on. act
practice, take effect.
carry out

Usage examples for operate

  1. For the first time in his life, Henriot knew it at close quarters, actual, ready to operate – Four Weird Tales by Algernon Blackwood
  2. Nor is it merely our history which produces this effect; we might get over that; but the results of that history co- operate – The English Constitution by Walter Bagehot