Synonyms for Occupation:


environment, address, a roof over your head, invasion, occupant, abode, attack, town, occupier, home, the home front. control, enjoyment, escapism, blast, delight, change, rule, title, crowd pleaser, amusement, binge, use, enthusiasm, ownership. hereafter, incumbency, place, tenure, hereunder, herewith, hereinafter, hereby, material, foregoing, hereto, herein, heretofore. action (noun)
enterprise, industry.
business (noun)
enterprise, market, position, career, station, establishment, selling, activity, business, employment, profession, proprietorship, trade, livelihood, concern, commission, company, specialty, job, management, vocation, negotiation, labor, venture, busy work, consortium, service, practice, partnership, barter, merchant, retailing, affair, interest, industry, firm, corporation, situation, holding, exchange, transaction, assignment, posting, calling, commerce.
capture (noun)
apprehension, seizure, appropriation, capture, acquisition, abduction, arrest, confiscation.
control, possession (noun)
occupancy, ownership, residence, inhabitation, tenancy, habitation, use, title, holding, tenure.
line (noun)
occupancy (noun)
dwelling, tenancy, Roosting, Staying, residence, squatting, inhabitation, habitation, tenure, colonization, lodging, housing, quartering.
occupation (noun)
line, taking possession, line of work, moving in, job, business, military control, occupancy.
seizure, takeover (noun)
capture, attack, invasion.
tenure (noun)
incumbency, tenancy.
work (noun)
effort, work, chore, task, toil.

Other synonyms:

action, incumbency. enjoyment, place. racket.

Usage examples for occupation

  1. May I ask your occupation Mr. Hatch? – The Chase of the Golden Plate by Jacques Futrelle
  2. Let me try to be an amusement to you, an occupation – Cousin Betty by Honore de Balzac
  3. My occupation is entirely literary: I will do so, too. – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats