Synonyms for Public:


community, general (adjective)
municipal, conjoint, social, civil, common, free, government, mutual, communal, popular, governmental, city, unrestricted, country, open, accessible, state, federal, civic, national, metropolitan.
human (adjective)
social, human, communal, familial, mortal, popular, folk.
known, acknowledged (adjective)
open (adjective)
united (adjective)


going, spare, free, on offer, usable, accessible, seasonal, available, known, vacant. group, conjoint, mutual, from all walks of life, mixed, diverse, tribal, multicultural, factional, collective, close-knit, unanimous. developmental, constitutional, interior, nongovernmental, expansionist, democratic, laissez-faire, imperialist, hawkish, congressional, bureaucratic, politics. open door. mankind (noun)
human race, community, humanity, culture, folk, man, commonwealth, Family, humankind, mankind, society, human beings, citizenry, species.
people (noun)
host, countrywoman, proletariat, horde, great unwashed, commoner, peasantry, populace, mass, rabble, legion, bourgeoisie, bourgeois, people, masses, crowd, throng, countryman, multitude, mob.
people of community; people interested in something (noun)
people, masses, community, populace, mob, multitude, society.
pleb (noun)
public (noun)
open, in the public eye, state, world, populace, national, state-supported, semipublic, unrestricted, community, common, unexclusive.


separate (verb)

Other synonyms:

multicultural, conjoint, transparent, unclassified, going, unwritten, accessible, factional, usable, spare, available, close-knit, tribal, overt, vacant. democratic, diverse, free, open door, mixed. out, open, mutual. civic

Usage examples for public

  1. There was much which was public property. – The Man Who Knew by Edgar Wallace
  2. This, then, was the day of the prince's first public appearance, and that he was the chief actor in the drama was clearly shown by the fact that he was the last to come on the stage, and that his entry was distinct from that of the rest of the company. – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  3. You need not make a public matter of this. – Quiet Talks on Power by S.D. Gordon