Synonyms for Course:


all (adverb)
of course, naturally.


antipasto, crudites, appetizer, entree, accompaniment, aperitif, cheeseboard, appetiser. action, thing, demonstration, venture, act, activity, road, deed. subject, minor, anaesthesia, education, specialty, aromatherapy, alternative medicine, area, anesthesia, major, field, analgesia, artificial insemination, acupuncture, Artificial Feeding, matriculation, aftercare, acupressure. elective, history, advance, momentum, advancement, seminar, progress, a giant step/leap/stride, requirement, maturation, the march of something. plan, development, angle. definitely, uh-huh, sure, by all means, attack, I don't mind if I do, means, modus operandi, tack, yes, that's right, you're on. bait, big game, angling, capture, bag, streak, order, suite, round, bite, blood sports. doctoral, apprenticeship, ed, stream, circulate, day school, concentration, correspondence course, crash course, articles. burst, deepen, crest, cast up, break, catch, dash, come in. inside track, inside lane, straight, the home stretch, circuit, start, straightaway, starting line. grip, surge, engulf, come over, pulse, grow, sweep over, color, heighten. down, in, eddy, maelstrom, current, drip, flush, ebb. act (noun)
course of study, course of instruction, class.
approach (noun)
artery (noun)
bearing (noun)
bearing, position, location, vector, aim, fix, orientation, heading.
conduit (noun)
ditch, duct, conduit, culvert, passage, canal, gutter, pipe, trench, channel, sluice, sewer, aqueduct.
course (noun)
line, naturally, course of study, flow, path, course of action, of course, row, trend, course of instruction, track, run, class.
direction (noun)
path, track, route, itinerary.
duration (noun)
span, interim, cycle, season, date, era, interval, duration, time, age, measure, epoch, aeon, spell.
expedition (noun)
food (noun)
Scrambled eggs, pie, tomato soup, Chow Mein, hard boiled eggs, enchilada, stir fry, soft boiled eggs, side dish, lasagne, casserole, salad, boiled eggs, sandwich, Irish Stew, ragout, soup, pasta, stew, tortellini, fondue, Meat Loaf, hamburger, eggs, jambalaya, macaroni, fried eggs, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, spring roll, poached eggs, pizza, goulash, hors d'oeuvre, peanut butter sandwich, flapjacks, leftovers, omelette, main course, taco, dessert, ravioli, cannelloni, chicken soup, egg roll, dish, quiche, pancakes, burrito.
golf (noun)
bogey, caddy, backswing, birdie, ace, bunker, bogie.
group (noun)
heading (noun)
length of action (noun)
time, progress, duration.
life (noun)
line (noun)
line, course of action.
method (noun)
process, procedure, scheme, tactic, way, approach, system, trajectory, method, schema, program, technique, discipline, manner, mechanism.
of course (noun)
naturally, by all means, run, stream, dash, move, definitely, flow, surge, track.
ordinarily (noun)
routinely, regularly, customarily.
passage (noun)
path, channel (noun)
itinerary, duct, route, stream, trajectory, aqueduct, run, track, direction, road, passage, tack, canal, circuit, conduit.
pathway (noun)
plan of study (noun)
seminar, subject, matriculation, method, class.
progress, advance (noun)
sequence, order, procedure, Consecution, chain, progression, string, program, system, line, sequel, succession, march, manner, plan, development, flow, advancement, row, series, scheme, way.
sequence (noun)
linkage, chain, series, concatenation, progression, procession, train, Consecutiveness, sequence, queue, link, Consecution, string, thread, consequence, rank, arrangement, subsequence, succession, sequel, gamut, lineage, legacy, line, array.
spell (noun)
tendency (noun)
leaning, grain, predilection, disposition, tendency, bias, tenor, temperament, affinity, propensity, proneness, bent, inclination, polarity, proclivity, predisposition, penchant, trend, direction, aptness.
waterway (noun)


flow; run (verb)
surge, dash.
motion (verb)
run, flow.
move (verb)
pass, proceed, go, move, run, budge, relocate, shift, transit, flow, transfer, stir, actuate.
wander (verb)
trek, tour, jaunt, roam, travel, wander, hike, promenade, march, sojourn, rove, journey, ramble, drive, trip, stroll, walk, amble.

Other synonyms:

venture, progress, cheeseboard, deed, starting line, inside lane, appetizer, crudites, correspondence course, doctoral, demonstration, circulate, day school, appetiser, crash course, modus operandi, cast up, activity. entree, action, inside track, maelstrom, apprenticeship, eddy, concentration, ed, straightaway, stream. accompaniment, minor, thing, tack, circuit, elective. act, ebb, plan, major, advance, angle. crest. deepen, streak, drip, current. flush, dash, burst. come in. order. straight, start. in. catch. break. down. research
Other relevant words:
current, round, order, course of study, circuit, stream, field, flush, progress, road, surge, tack.

Usage examples for course

  1. You are in the right, of course – Paris From the "Three Cities" by Emile Zola
  2. Philip was of course right. – Kildares of Storm by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
  3. Of course it is not. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer