Synonyms for Policy:


actuarial, broker, comprehensive, adjuster, assurance, benefit, collision damage waiver, contributory, actuary, carrier. line, program, Constitutionality, planned, Balkanisation, Balkanization, containment, amnesty, boondoggle, census, checks and balances, constructive engagement. means, basis, manner, technique, way, tactic, mode. frame of reference, culture, ground, ideology, the spirit of the times/age, ism, philosophy, dogma. course (noun)
method, organization, system, order, tactics, tenet, management, arrangement, behavior, design, theory, administration (of an estate).
instruction (noun)
dictum, moral, code, doctrine, proverb, credo, teaching, instruction, axiom, edict, bidding, byword, catchword, rule, motto, ordinance, saying, principle, precept, adage, saw, directive.
intention (noun)
expectation, forecast, consideration, choice, procedure, object, goal, proposal, intention, forethought, plan, wish, scenario, idea, endeavor, ambition, calculation, strategy, will, aim, scheme, prospectus, schedule, agenda, approach.
policy (noun)
insurance, insurance policy.
procedure, tactics (noun)
management, method, arrangement, program, order, code, line, organization, rule, theory, tenet, scheme, behavior, approach, plan, design, strategy.


means (verb)

Other synonyms:

system. program. policy
Other relevant words:
contributory, amnesty, Balkanization, assurance, broker, organization, tactics, insurance, order, line, tactic, containment, technique, dogma, carrier, design, theory, tenet, actuary, management, census, means, Constitutionality, mode, ism, way, program, adjuster, behavior, benefit, boondoggle, method, manner, system, insurance policy, philosophy, comprehensive, arrangement, actuarial, Balkanisation, basis, planned, culture, ideology, ground.

Usage examples for policy

  1. But many Englishmen continued to suspect the royal policy – His Majesties Declaration Defended by John Dryden
  2. You always said that was the right policy for us. – An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad
  3. Among others they took the uncle of Morequito, called Topiawari, who is now king of Aromaia, whose son I brought with me into England, and is a man of great understanding and policy he is above an hundred years old, and yet is of a very able body. – The Discovery of Guiana by Sir Walter Raleigh