Synonyms for Sensitivity:


exactitude, preciseness, accuracy, felicity, precision. delicacy, expertise, lore, knowledge, feeling, responsiveness, Familiarity, sensation, information, understanding, sympathy, consciousness, acuteness, experience, subtlety. alter ego, propensity, incarnation, sentiment, foible, fault, sense, awareness, endowment, affectation, flaw, persona. allergic, hypoallergenic, antigen, intolerant, allergen, intolerance, hypersensitive, anaphylactic shock, anaphylaxis. charity, warmth, generosity, kindness, hospitality, support, consideration, liberality, solicitude, altruism. challenging, be an effort, demanding, hard, difficult, tough, complicated, punishing, taxing, arduous. fragile, touchy, prudish, thin-skinned, defensive, squeamish, sensitive, moody, prim. attribute (noun)
cognition (noun)
sensitiveness, sensibility.
excitability (noun)
short-temperedness, Combustibility, fragility, nervousness, excitableness, passion, impulsiveness, volatility, storminess, touchiness, hot-temperedness, emotionality, edginess, explosiveness, rashness, irritability, quick-temperedness, brittleness, Ardency, tempestuousness, crankiness, recklessness.
feeling (noun)
responsiveness to stimuli (noun)
awareness, nervousness, sensitiveness, sense, consciousness, acuteness, sympathy, sensation, feeling, subtlety, delicacy.
sensation (noun)
sense (noun)
sensitivity (noun)
mawkishness, predisposition, mushiness, softness, sensitiveness, lovesickness, sentimentality, irritation, schmaltz, sensibility, sloppiness, Sappiness, tenderness, fancifulness.

Other synonyms:

awareness, expertise, precision, lore, consciousness, allergy, felicity, knowledge, experience, Familiarity, exactitude. information, sensation, accuracy, understanding. sense. sentiment, feeling. Other relevant words:
awareness, delicacy, subtlety, precision, experience, felicity, preciseness, anaphylaxis, generosity, consideration, accuracy, allergy, sense, understanding, sentiment, expertise, propensity, responsiveness, warmth, exactitude, sensibility, kindness, sympathy, sensitiveness, sensation, acuteness, information, feeling, knowledge, consciousness, predisposition.