Synonyms for Look for:


hope, crave, aspire, lust after, yearn, have your heart set on (doing) something, wish, long, want. tempt fate/providence, store up, court, be asking for something, overplay your hand, shoot yourself in the foot, do something once too often, asking for trouble, be your own worst enemy. pick through, search out, look out for, go through, hunt down, seek out, scavenge. look for (noun)
look to, anticipate, search, seek.
research (noun)
follow, hunt.


angle for (verb)
hunt, seek.
await (verb)
anticipate, hope.
contact (verb)
search, seek.
emotion (verb)
anticipate, look to.
hunt (verb)
require (verb)
scout (verb)
probe, search.
search (verb)
peer, peek, sift, search, pry, rummage, go through, probe, forage, winnow, seek, comb, scour, rifle.

Other synonyms:

pick through, search out, yearn, aspire, crave, seek out, hope. scavenge, want, hunt down, wish, look out for. long. hunt. go through. search
Other relevant words:
follow, crave, look out for, hope, want, hunt, look to, court, wish, anticipate, yearn.