Synonyms for Plane:


even (adjective)
straight, level, square.
flat (adjective)
flush, planar.
plane (adjective)
flush, even, flat, smooth.


fretsaw, adz, ax. Air Force One, aircraft, planar, flush, straight, airbus, airship, b-52, balloon, biplane, airliner. outline, axis, arc, diameter, chord, curvature, line, diagonal, inclined plane. vault, dive, bound, jump, fly, hop, spring, hurdle, leap. flail, chase, cut, crimp, chop, card, chip away. developed, full-grown, grown, fully grown, growth, full-fledged, immature, full-blown, fully fledged, infantile. airplane (noun)
aircraft, airbus, airship, aeroplane, airliner.
degree (noun)
space, extent, dimension, reach, length, line, scope, range, scale.
even (noun)
study at level, flush.
extent (noun)
zone, span, neighborhood, reach, space, measure, length, dimension, scale, stretch, volume, leeway, scope, area, territory, acreage, extent, range, region, field, plateau, room.
finish (noun)
plane (noun)
woodworking plane, sheet, level, even, planer, carpenter's plane, aeroplane, skim, airplane, shave, flat, Planing Machine, airbus, airship, grade.
shape (noun)
tool (noun)
gouge, stapler, scissors, buzz saw, lathe, awl, crowbar, wrench, vise, cold chisel, crosscut saw, chain saw, saw, tool, Drill press, emery wheel, axe, monkey wrench, square, scythe, sledgehammer, ball-peen hammer, jointer, drill, shovel, pliers, pipe wrench, hacksaw, auger, coping saw, bench drill, spanner, claw hammer, table saw, knife, circular saw, wedge, shears, tire iron, welder, lug wrench, grapnel, calipers, jigsaw, machete, screwdriver, spoke shave, radial arm saw, level, pickax, trowel, hammer, spade, chisel, arc welder, Bow-saw, punch, back saw, hedge trimmer, posthole auger, file, hoe, band saw, wrecking bar, mallet, handsaw, snips, edger, keyhole saw, jackknife, hatchet, tin snips, sickle, planer, scroll saw, miter box, pick, ripsaw, grindstone.
trees (noun)
acacia, ash, banyan, balsa, baobab, almond, bay, alder, aspen, bay tree.


contact (verb)
even (verb)
flatten (verb)
grade, compress, deflate, squish.
smooth (verb)
smooth, even, silken, sand, slick, burnish, glaze, gloss, grind, polish, flatten.

Other synonyms:

fretsaw, adz, ax, planar. straight. dirigible
Other relevant words:
woodworking plane, sheet, cut, flush, shave, carpenter's plane, biplane, aircraft, planar, skim, straight, airship, Planing Machine, airbus, spring, aeroplane, airliner, flat, fly, airplane, dress, leap.

Usage examples for plane

  1. But Mary Magdalen, pushing it back with disgust, seated herself on the ground with feet crossed in the shade of the great plane tree stirred by the murmuring breeze. – Balthasar And Other Works - 1909 by Anatole France
  2. Matt now perceived the extent of his father's purpose, and on its plane he honored it. – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  3. Never knew a plane to burn so long. – Dave Dawson at Casablanca by Robert Sydney Bowen