Synonyms for Miss:


blunder, slip, afloat, bookable, mishap, board, booking, aisle seat, error, mistake, aboard, book on, ARR, bus, Booking office. stand by, sit by, abstain, omit to do something, can't bring yourself to do something, female, bother, lass, make no move, refrain, let nature take its course. regret, grieve, ache, mistress, upset yourself, pine, get down, feel sorry for someone, mourn. cushion, concede, aggregate, chalk something up, deadlock, assist, all, attack, thrive, bury, miscarry. ar, ca, ala, ak, az, ARIZ, BC, alas, used, ark, waste, al. amenorrhea, menses, biological clock, menstrual cycle, the curse, Cramps, menstrual, the change of life, amenorrhoea, menopause. bomb, backfire, fizzle, founder, collapse, flop, crash, languish. grind, engagement, burn up, fire, idle, go, cycle, cut out, flood. choo-choo, birdie, bang, boo-boo, cold, bunny, big, cross, bow-wow. fishwife, queen bee, minx. fall short, err, trip-up, slip up, let down, mess up, stumble, foul up. madam, dear, buddy, dude, mister, mac, buster, sonny, ma'am. stretched, devoid, deficient, incomplete, want for, starved, deprived, bereft of something, minus. hedge, evade, have a narrow/lucky escape, skate over/around, retreat, play it safe, provide against, take evasive action. lose your grip (on something), misunderstand, misconstrue, be unclear about/as to something, miss the point, have no conception of something, misinterpret, not have a clue, get someone wrong. pass up, miss out, lose out. broad (noun)
girl, dame, lady, female.
damsel (noun)
young woman, lass.
dearth (noun)
default (noun)
error (noun)
miss (noun)
error, leave out, omit, missy, pretermit, mishap, young lady, girl, lose, default, slip, overleap, fille, young woman, lack, want, neglect, blunder, escape, misfire, mistake, overlook, drop.
titles (noun)
dame, justice, honorific, jr., Her/Your Ladyship, HON, lady, the Honorable, esq, judge.
woman (noun)


clear (verb)
err (verb)
miscalculate, mistake, misjudge.
lack (verb)
default, lack, require, need, want.
miss (verb)
miscarry, neglect, fall short, drop, need, pine, pass up, lose, omit, misfire, overlook, err.
perception (verb)

Other synonyms:

ma'am, fishwife, provide against, mourn, buster, err, error, minx, backfire, mister, queen bee, stumble, languish, sonny, miscalculate, trip-up, collapse. blunder, madam, lady, mess up, miss out, slip up, misjudge, foul up, founder, mac. buddy, miscarry, dude. evade, let down, hedge. dear, crash. waste, retreat. fail
fall short, lose out, misfire.
pass up, lose.

Usage examples for miss

  1. How you must miss her." – If Any Man Sin by H. A. Cody
  2. Is Miss Conyers at home? – The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
  3. It was Miss Pewsey. – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume