Synonyms for Climb:


climber, clamber, abseil, Caving, base camp, climbing wall, canyoneering. hill, slope, spurt, growth, grade, leap, surge, upswing, explosion, upsurge, incline. escalate, double, add to, increase, multiply, go through the roof, step up. get along, get ahead, break through, get on with, outpace, plod along, reach. air pocket, aerobatics, airdrop, air-to-air, airborne, air traffic control, AIR CORRIDOR, aerospace, airspeed. step, amble, trek, stray, stride, wander, walk, saunter, stroll. enter, land, attach, join, stand in, fill in, substitute, arrive, break into, start. kick up, hoist, pick up. blossom, bear, bloom, choke, die back, bud, come out, fade. head, pass, flow, move, forge ahead, walk-on, progress, carry on, go, press. radius, range, depth, piece, carry, hairsbreadth. crawl, meander, drift, trickle, creep. ascent (noun)
climb (noun)
climbing, mounting, raise, climb up, ascent, mount, rise, wax, acclivity, upgrade, go up.


ascend (verb)
float, lift, elevate, levitate, soar, scale, rise, ascend, escalade, mount.
crawl, move up (verb)
escalade, ascend, rise, escalate, go up, soar, scale, clamber, mount.
motion (verb)
go up, climb up, mount.

Other synonyms:

bank, airlift, eject. captain, come down, blossom, bud, bloom, radius. land, fade, trickle. choke, buzz, crawl. drift, reach. depth, step. piece. come out. bear, range. carry. ascend
get on
go up.
go up

Usage examples for climb

  1. They told him that to go through the gate was too far round; that the best way was to make a short cut of it, and climb the wall, as they had done. – The Pilgrim's Progress in Words of One Syllable by Mary Godolphin
  2. " She has a mind to climb the hill. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. As the water closed over his head, he struck out with hands and feet in an effort to climb again to light and air. – The Players by Everett B. Cole