Synonyms for Win:


come together, pull off, manage, be able to do something, bring off. put, make a difference, interact, rate, affect, impact, deserve, merit, shape, take effect, bring out, come into play. cop, smash, knock out, thrash. clinch, give, romp ahead, pull down, sweep, wrap up, money, mop up, notch up, be placed first/second etc.. convince, persuasion, persuade, satisfy, assure. victory (noun)
checkmate, knockout, conquest, achievement, gain, triumph, sweep, Subdual, winning, ascendancy, grand slam, mastery, success, score, victory, subjection.
win (noun)
advance, come through, succeed, get ahead, make headway, profits, gain, gain ground, pull ahead, winnings.


achieve, obtain (verb)
net, accomplish, attain, get, collect, pick up, receive, harvest, earn, bag, annex, catch, acquire, procure, secure.
acquire (verb)
heap, buy, bag, lure, reap, annex, accumulate, pocket, corner, purchase, retrieve, harvest, palm, incur, acquire, wrangle, fetch, receive, add, procure, net, amass, garner, assume, claim, land, score, collect.
capture (verb)
occupy, abduct, arrest, get, collar, take, seize, obtain, gain, capture, apprehend, catch, achieve, secure, snare.
dominate (verb)
command, control, preside, oppress, rule, subordinate, oversee, better, lord.
succeed (verb)
fulfill, triumph, dominate, overcome, accomplish, consummate, attain, earn, prevail, succeed, ascend, surmount.

Other synonyms:

cop, deserve, walkover, thrashing. rate, come by. merit, knock out, wrap up. thrash, smash. record. sweep. double. acquire
pick up, come by.

Usage examples for win

  1. I couldn't win her love with a lie. – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  2. I must fight now to win – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  3. Can I hope ever to win your love? – The Squatter and the Don by C. Loyal