Synonyms for Seize:


lay hands on, clench, storm, annex, subjugate, enclose, pinch, besiege, squeeze, catch up, compass, hold fast, snag, hang on, enfold, invade, pluck, clinch, leave, lay hold of, pass by. rob, cull, nab, incorporate, repossess, throttle, requisition, swipe, intercept, lift, expropriate, overpower, carry off, overcome, claw, deprive, hold up, purloin, ambush, encroach, wrench, steal, hook, rustle, kidnap, retake, jerk, hijack, commandeer, force, help oneself to, exact, pounce, trap, recapture, stick up, overwhelm, wring, go off with, overrun, bag. see, know, help yourself to something, plunder, run away with, burgle, loot, walk off with, mug, perceive, understand. determine, restrict, cure, regulate, limit, confine, keep down, control, contain. hold on, keep hold of something, cradle, carry. over, attack. run-in, pick up, law, bust. seize (noun)
get hold of, clutch, assume, appropriate, take over, attach, conquer, usurp, capture, sequester, grab, confiscate, arrogate, prehend, impound.


abduct; take by force (verb)
kidnap, arrogate, usurp, overpower, overcome, commandeer, get, wrench, arrest, incorporate, hook, pick up, bust, hijack, snare, apprehend, gain, bag, ambush, carry off, lift, exact, overrun, nab, secure, pounce, overwhelm, trap, claw, force, grab, confiscate, impound, conquer, occupy, annex, throttle, take over, take, capture.
acquire (verb)
capture (verb)
get, catch, apprehend, abduct, take, arrest, gain, win, capture, snare, obtain, collar, achieve, secure, occupy.
grab, take (verb)
grasp, snag, grip, clinch, enclose, squeeze, catch, lay hands on, enfold, compass, clench, pinch, clutch, pluck, lay hold of, grapple, clasp, embrace, hold fast, appropriate.
grip (verb)
grip, clasp, retain, grasp, keep, adhere, clutch, hold, embrace, grapple, have.
take (verb)
help oneself to, steal.

Other synonyms:

rob, besiege, understand, subjugate, go off with, repossess, recapture. encroach, annex, clench, nab, commandeer, retake. come over, overrun, storm, invade, requisition. pinch. carry off. bust. abduct
prehend, occupy.
expropriate, confiscate.
lay hold of, lay hands on.
run away with.
take over

Usage examples for seize

  1. This was an important trust, because the powerful prince Uesugi lay to the north of him and would seize the first opportunity to attack him. – Japan by David Murray
  2. " No, Dorsenne," cried Montfanon, who had been the first to seize the raised arm of the writer, " you shall not fight thus. – Cosmopolis, Complete by Paul Bourget Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  3. The thought of this had been enough to make him seize upon the chance of keeping all her affection for himself. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony