Synonyms for Render:


nurse, get behind, get through, guide, support, benefit, help out, distribute. proclaim, bring forward, carry out, inform, pronounce, address, notify, announce. play, appear, debut, amuse, emcee, go on, extemporize, entertain, conjure. encode, administer, communicative competence, code switching, fluency, anglophone, fidelity, fluent, bilingual, false beginner. hand down, come over, feel, be, form, look, grow, go, declare. broil, brown, transpose, barbecue, boil down, charbroil, burn, reword, baste, bake, boil, braise. delineate. performing arts. put, words. law. render (noun)
hand over, translate, turn in, supply, give, furnish, return, yield, submit, interpret, get in, deliver, generate, depict, picture, show, provide, try.


communication (verb)
return, deliver, give.
contribute (verb)
hand over, return, show, present, give, furnish, provide, submit, supply, pay, impart, deliver, tender, distribute, yield, relinquish.
draw (verb)
doodle, draw, sketch, trace, paint.
give (verb)
award, devote, ration, share, donate, attribute, supply, dispense, expend, provide, contribute, pledge, assist, consign, fund, assign, help, pay, allow, lavish, serve, disburse, furnish, ascribe, lend, shower, bequeath, allot, dole, deliver, send.
interpret (verb)
condense, paraphrase, translate, analyze, comment, explain, annotate, interpret, elucidate, report, transcribe, restate, decipher, decode, rephrase.
offer (verb)
bestow, bid, grant, endow, attempt, cite, present, approach, impart, give, quote, tender, submit, advance, offer, deal, invite, extend, issue.
possession (verb)
represent (verb)
depict, photograph, portray, imitate, copy, cast, model, replicate, represent, illustrate, duplicate, ape, silhouette, approximate, simulate, outline.
show; execute (verb)
represent, carry out, depict, administer, interpret, portray, play, picture, delineate.
translate, explain (verb)
put, transpose, transcribe, reword, paraphrase, restate.

Other synonyms:

pronounce, declare, inform, notify, reword, announce, proclaim, bring forward. abdicate, renounce, forswear, relinquish, waive, Demit, delineate. abandon. put, address, play. give

Usage examples for render

  1. M. de Arana immediately replied that he would render an account to the Governor of the earnest desire of the two Ministers with all the interest that demands an affair as delicate as it is important. – Observations on the Present State of the Affairs of the River Plate by Thomas Baines
  2. Strange as it may be to you to hear me say it, there's a good you can do me and a help you can render – The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 by Henry James
  3. I will marry General Harrington- he is the only being on earth who cares for me- the only one who would seek to render me happy. – Mabel's Mistake by Ann S. Stephens