Synonyms for Faint:


all (adjective)
dark (adjective)
darkish (adjective)
dim (adjective)
shadowy, bleary, murky, hazy, filmy, dim, vague, foggy, half-lit, cloudy, indistinct.
feeble (adjective)
debilitated, doddering, ailing, flimsy, run down, soft, weak, powerless, frail, fragile, sickly, decrepit, infirm, feeble, rickety.
low (adjective)
low-pitched, inaudible.
out of focus (adjective)
quiet (adjective)
muffled, soft, whispering, sotto voce, low, mumbling.
senseless (adjective)
swooning, unperceptive, numb, dead, unconscious, senseless, oblivious, insensitive, insensible, insentient, comatose, blacked out, trance-like, unfeeling, dull, narcotic, callous, aloof, anesthetized, soporific.
silent (adjective)
inaudible, hushed.
soft (adjective)
weak (adjective)
exhausted, fragile, lightheaded, fatigued.
weary (adjective)
cheerless, drowsy, weary, limp, wasted, listless, footsore, apathetic, trying, toilsome, feeble, weak, depressed, sleepy, fatigued, over-weary, Frazzled, worn-out, droopy, Wayworn, uphill, exhausted, debilitated, bored, run down, blue, tired, flaccid.


dark, absent, curious, beatific, brooding, appealing, darkly, bug-eyed. go into a coma, fall, blurred, succumb, invisible, suffer syncope, be overcome, become unconscious, keel over, faint dead away, inconspicuous, faint away, go out like a light, drop, have a stroke, suffer sunstroke, collapse, subtle. dearest, unrealistic, fond hope/wish/dream etc., high. slender, outside, remote, slim, negligible, big, slight. fuzzy, undistinct, unclear, misty, blear, indefinite. awareness. blackout (noun)
event (noun)
syncope, swoon.
faint (noun)
cowardly, pass out, swoon, fearful, vague, wispy, lightheaded, coward, timid, swooning, conk, light, dim, indistinct, weak, fainthearted, feeble, ill, perceptible, light-headed, sick, syncope, shadowy.
unconsciousness (noun)
collapse, syncope, swoon.


body (verb)
conk, swoon, pass out.
lose consciousness (verb)
succumb, keel over, pass out, become unconscious, fall, drop, be overcome.

Other synonyms:

inconspicuous, dark, dimly, undistinct, catchy, blurred, unrealistic. indefinite, balmy, go under, elusive, etched, commemorative, keel over, negligible. invisible, thin, slim, misty, slight, unclear, subtle, conscious, slender. collapse, slump, fuzzy. dearest. knock out, smooth. mild. delicate. high. black out
go out like a light.

Usage examples for faint

  1. How long I sat there I do not know; but at last I saw the faint gray light of morning begin to appear in front of me. – The Seaboard Parish Volume 1 by George MacDonald
  2. Faint heart, do you still want courage? – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  3. She let it pass with a faint smile. – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad