Synonyms for Disease:


burden, necessity, headache, the impossible, the elephant in the room, chore, task, mare, struggle, a tall order. adulteration (noun)
ailment, affliction (noun)
canker, epidemic, Sickliness, temperature, visitation, unhealthiness, spell, condition, virus, disorder, fever, complaint, malady, affection, plague, illness, sickness, syndrome, decrepitude, collapse, indisposition, debility, infirmity, breakdown, contagion, infection, blight, attack, contamination, bug, seizure.
attack (noun)
disease (noun)
ague, bug, complaint, collapse, affection, disability, attack, fever, debility, queasiness, disorder, decrepitude, ailment, syndrome, malaise, feverishness, spasm, infection, Sickliness, handicap, curse, apoplexy, infliction, malady, infirmity, virus, symptom, breakdown, complication, condition, pestilence, nausea, illness, unhealthiness, sickness, indisposition.
epidemic (noun)
sickness (noun)
epidemic, nervous disorder, spell, affliction, temperature, functional disorder, visitation, pathological condition, pathological case, Symptomatology, plague, complex, seizure, insanity, morbidity, psychosomatic illness, contagion.
unhealthiness (noun)
contamination, noxiousness, insalubrity, poisonousness, Contagiousness, deadliness, toxicity, malignancy, pathology, unwholesomeness.

Other synonyms:

insanity, oak apple, Dutch Elm Disease. rust, contagion. canker, blight. epidemic

Usage examples for disease

  1. Perhaps it is a disease that cannot be observed. – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac
  2. She had caught that fell disease which is baby- worship. – The Dew of Their Youth by S. R. Crockett