Synonyms for Long:


durable (adjective)
incessant, long-life, prolonged, perpetual, lifetime, lifelong, livelong, everlasting, lasting, perennial, durable, enduring, eternal, interminable, lengthy.
extended (adjective)
extended in space or time (adjective)
faraway, elongated, sustained, towering, distant, lasting, protracted, enduring, running, far-reaching, stretched, lengthy, far-off, stringy, high, longish, great, tall, extensive, lingering, rangy, remote, stretch, lengthened, elongate, prolonged, deep, gangling, enlarged, lanky, lofty.
far-flung (adjective)
infinite (adjective)
interminable, excessive in length (adjective)
dilatory, long-winded, dragging, tardy, limitless, unending, drawn-out, Overlong, delayed, long-drawn-out, boundless, forever and a day.
long (adjective)
lengthwise, elongated, stretched, endwise, reaching, linear, extensive.
size (adjective)
dimensional, broad, wide, corpulent, magnificent, great, expansive, amplitudinous, sizable, big, portly, extensive, measurable, voluminous, high, chunky, bulky, large.


dilatory, lingering, delayed, full-length, prospective, tardy, meandering, brief, go down, day after day, come down, floor-length, long-winded, sustained, hour after hour, foreshortened, abbreviated, go up, attenuated. lust after, aspire, rich, look for, profuse, plentiful, have your heart set on (doing) something. idolise, smother, worship the ground someone walks on, immediately, shortly, fall for, love, soon, adore, dote on, care for. epic, months, ages, hours, light years, aeon. alveolar, aspirate, consonant, assonance, bilabial, Sesquipedal, closed syllable, affricate, aspiration, close vowel. Overlong, never-ending, dragging, long-drawn-out, excite, on and on, constant, for some time. in the long run/term, forever and ever, blue moon, someday, when the time comes, tomorrow, eon, one day, to come, Month Of Sundays, forever and a day, year, sooner or later, time, eternity, age, later. black, carbonated, effervescent, drinkable, dry, flat, decaffeinated, alcoholic, corked, full-bodied. length, irregularity, frequency, much, irregular, rate, basis, for the first/last etc. time. underarm, spin, playable, rebound, backspin, good, topspin, bouncy, dead. catchy, commemorative, elusive, dim, dimly, etched, foggy, blurred, conscious, faint. clock off, clock-watching, business hours, ft, business day, core time, flextime, clock in, come in, dress-down day. day in day out, forever. keep it simple, skip it, perish the thought, no reason, don't remind me, don't ask. long (noun)
hourlong, sesquipedalian, longitudinal, womb-to-tomb, ache, perennial, long-range, longish, abundant, farseeing, elongate, long-term, provident, long-distance, yen, hanker, long-wool, monthlong, oblong, bimestrial, long-staple, polysyllabic, interminable, longstanding, far, long-handled, long-life, in length, pine, long-lived, extended, drawn-out, long-wooled, extendable, tenacious, semipermanent, eternal, weeklong, agelong, endless, retentive, nightlong, daylong, prolonged, lasting, extendible, long-lasting, longsighted, foresightful, tall, lifelong, languish, long-dated, overnight, yearn, longer, elongated, protracted, long-acting, stressed, farsighted, yearlong, lengthened, longest, lengthy, foresighted, long-snouted, durable, unsound, lank, stretch.
tedious (noun)
dull, hard.


desire (verb)
grasp, crave, wish, fancy, need, hunger, hanker, yearn, want, covet, thirst, hope, pine, welcome, itch, expect, desire, lust.
desire, crave (verb)
hanker, ache, aspire, sigh, itch, covet, lust, hunger, yearn, wish, pine, thirst, want.
extended (verb)
lament (verb)
decry, moan, cry, grieve, sniffle, ululate, sigh, bewail, groan, wail, clamor, whine, mourn, snuffle, whimper, weep, agonize, lament, bemoan.

Other synonyms:

backspin, idolise, smother, look for, adore, long-drawn-out, aspire, Overlong, floor-length, blue moon, never-ending, care for, go up, attenuated, foreshortened, stringy, Sesquipedal, sustained, lingering, fall for, topspin. epic, rebound, underarm, stretch, irregularity, go down, much, eon, frequency, spin, constant, deep, dragging, forever, full-length. bouncy, basis, year, rate. irregular, age, love. playable. away, apart, From, eternity. further. time. dead. out. good. desire
hanker, want.

Usage examples for long

  1. How long do you think he will last? – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  2. I had to live a long time to understand it. – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  3. Don't be gone long – Ralph Granger's Fortunes by William Perry Brown