Synonyms for Light:


airy (adjective)
blond, fair (adjective)
bleached, pale.
bright (adjective)
glittering, radiant, silvery.
diluted (adjective)
fast (adjective)
fluffy (adjective)
funny, cheery (adjective)
cheerful, merry, pleasing.
illuminated (adjective)
luminous, brilliant, shiny, rich, bright, vivid, polished, radiant.
light (adjective)
feathery, airy, delicate, gossamer, buoyant, weightless.
little (adjective)
tiny, wee.
lively (adjective)
not heavy (adjective)
floating, delicate, downy, frothy, weightless, slender, feathery, insubstantial, thin, filmy, unsubstantial, effervescent, little, small, sheer, fluffy, airy, dainty, trivial, atmospheric, slight, Gossamery, graceful, buoyant.
plumed (adjective)
small in amount, content (adjective)
minuscule, sparse, puny, moderate, superficial, minute, wee, frivolous, frugal, insufficient, unimportant, scanty, fragmentary, fractional, tiny, inadequate.
unimportant (adjective)
minute, small.
white (adjective)
ivory, platinum, milky, silvery, lily-white, Lactescent, alabaster, snowy, hoary, white, eggshell, milk-white, pearly, snow-white.


bright, boot-cut, button-through, luminous, baggy, illuminated, best, button-down, brief, Clingy, A-LINE, radiant, backless. brilliant, polished, glaring, dazzling, glittery, shiny, gleaming, vivid, glittering, rich. insipid, stale, slight, superficial, nasty, unpalatable, bad, trivial, inedible, unimportant, frivolous, rancid, sour, tasteless. jaunty, nice, pleasurable, restful, pleasant, enjoyable, pleasing, lovely, merry, cheerful, attractive, relaxing. frugal, neglect, set, sit down, ridicule, celebratory, satisfying, hearty, mock, belittle, alfresco, slap-up. drop, insensible, numbing, take off, insensitive, disembark, numb, fly, go to sleep, arrive, analgesia, stop. only, minimum, little, mere, barely. flavorful, delicious, tangy, succulent, appetizing, tasty, juicy, palatable. frame of reference, angle, aspect, side, brake light, hand, backup light, phase, headlamp, fog light, perspective, brights, blinkers, high beams, regard, respect, hazard light, facet. eyesight, eye, sight, seeing, catch, vision, go up, see. colors, pale, catch the light. dazzle, glare, radiance. easterly, cutting, biting, the Beaufort scale, following, gusty, east, force, gale-force. chew, butt, briar, ciggy, cigar, cigarette paper, cheroot, cigarette, fag. dreamless, deep, sleepyhead, sleeping beauty, broken, somnambulist, noctambulism, sleeper. daylight, lamplight, ray, the light, candlelight, incident ray, gaslight. disciplinary, just, lenient, sound, carry, penal, exemplary. circus, filter, cross, cone, crosswalk, green light, crossing, jaywalking, crossroads, grade crossing. dead weight, density, load, nett, counterweight, net, dense. hurricane lamp, nightlight, sodium. piggy, gluttonous, full, someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, replete, unquenchable, greedy, stuffed, voracious. low, muffled, muted, quietly, hushed, quiet, monotone. by night/day, noonday, lunchtime, in the morning, at the crack of dawn, bright and early, post-prandial, before dark, first thing (in the morning). beam (noun)
context, point of view; understanding (noun)
angle, aspect.
digestible (noun)
edible, moderate, slight.
light (noun)
flash, beam, blaze, lucidity, brightness, gleam, luster, glow, glint, scintillation, glitter, radiation, luminousness, sparkle, illumination, incandescence, shine, brilliance.
light source (noun)
floor lamp, table lamp, desk light, oil lamp, lantern, candle, fire, light bulb, spotlight, moonbeam, sun, klieg light, mercury-vapor lamp, floodlight, pilot light, star, moon, torch, headlight, searchlight, neon light, Tungsten lamp, lamp, beacon, incandescent light, flare, jack-o'-lantern, Illuminator, flashlight, taper, arc lamp, flame, fluorescent light, street lamp.
luminescence from sun or other source (noun)
flash, torch, sparkle, candle, blaze, daylight, lamp, glint, beacon, radiation, star, ray, illumination, glare, brilliance, glitter, luster, glow, gleam, lantern, radiance, flare, shine, incandescence, taper, brightness, scintillation, sun.
point of view (noun)
side (noun)
wanton (noun)
sensual, lewd, immodest, indecent, carnal.


ignite (verb)
inflame, burn, ignite, kindle.
illuminate (verb)
flood, ignite, animate, floodlight, lighten, spot, irradiate, inflame, spotlight, kindle, fire.
light (verb)
fluoresce, incandesce, radiate, spot, flood, scintillate, illuminate.
start on fire (verb)
burn, flame.
step down; land (verb)
sit down, stop, disembark, drop, arrive.

Other synonyms:

side. stuffed, sight, eye, polished, aspect. shade. flat, hand, sleeper. go up, just, quiet. broken, load, moderate. net, set. sound. catch. low. carry. brightness
set on fire
Other relevant words:
lighten, slight, sight, respect, thin, regard, volatile, eyesight, frivolous, irradiate, unsubstantial, slender, eye, daylight, trivial, frothy.

Usage examples for light

  1. " That's why this hasn't come to light before, then. – Time Crime by H. Beam Piper
  2. No light job, Mr. Brent- but we found this. – In the Mayor's Parlour by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher