Synonyms for Short:


abrupt (adjective)
all (adjective)
bluff (adjective)
blunt (adjective)
brittle (adjective)
concise (adjective)
brusque, concise, to the point, abrupt, short and sweet, succinct, curt, blunt, compact, brief, terse, incisive.
deficient (adjective)
skimpy, wanting.
few (adjective)
piddling, trifling, few.
hasty (adjective)
incomplete (adjective)
immature, sectional, segmental, scanty, unfinished, Curtailed, missing, incomplete, Unaccomplished, patchy, fragmentary, embryonic, fractional, unfulfilled, lacking, deficient, unsatisfactory, discontinuous, unachieved, insufficient, unattained, partial, undone.
insufficient (adjective)
little (adjective)
brief, tiny, little, concise, scanty, wee, small, diminutive, meager, succinct, compact, low, puny, narrow, minute, few, paltry, smallish, undersized, delicate.
low (adjective)
deep, flat, stumpy, level, bottom, squat, low.
sensitive (adjective)
severe (adjective)
cool, curt, icy, strict, gruff, prudish, ascetic, keen, lean, authoritarian, uncompromising, disciplined, acrimonious, sharp, acute, cutting, basic, unbending, chilly, austere, bleak, frosty, stark, acerbic, grim, strait-laced, stern, raw, brusque, astringent, piquant, critical, severe, dry, intolerant, exacting, demanding, crisp, harsh, puritanical, fundamental, correct, meticulous, inflexible, hidebound, oppressive, stiff-necked, tart, censorious, brisk, imperial, obstinate, spare, intense, stringent, relentless, draconian, obdurate, abrupt, caustic, rigid, spartan, rigorous, dour, precise, blunt.
sharp (adjective)
short (adjective)
clipped, petite, small, concise, scant, straight, stumpy, chunky, tiny, thickset, short-term, condensed, runty, scarce, sharp, compact, abridged, lacking, scanty, aphoristic, low, shy, meager, terse, wee, picayune, summary, crisp, pointed, stubby, short-lived, brusque, summarized, wanting, Curtailed, diminutive, bare, slim, fleeting, short and sweet, short-tempered, blunt, undersized, puny, gruff, deficient, stocky, precise, skimpy, Short-spoken, pocket, epigrammatic, slight, succinct, cut short, niggardly, squat, tight, delicate, curt, brief, little.
shortened (adjective)
small (adjective)
microscopic, petite, weeny, miserly, wee, teeny, dwarfish, little, miniature, minute, paltry, minimal, stingy, teeny-weeny, scrawny, tiny, diminutive, teensy, nugatory, deficient, spare, trifling, scanty, slim, piddling, smallish, modest, niggardly, pocket, picayune, puny, beggarly, delicate, baby, ungenerous, runty, compact, toy, negligible, meager, itty-bitty, scant, slight, bantam, small, sparing, minor.
stunted (adjective)
very fast (adjective)


dwarf, dumpy, thickset, on-the-spot, straight, instantly, headlong, chunky, undersized, at once, stocky, straight away, promptly, right now, skimpy, stubby. cut short, fleeting, bare, hasty, aphoristic, pointed, epigrammatic, short-lived, quick, short-term, summarized, summary, peremptory. alternating current, miss, charge, ac, arc light, be inadequate, be unsuccessful, active, fall down, fail, brownout, arc. aspirate, big, consonant, alveolar, close vowel, aspiration, bilabial, closed syllable, fast, assonance, affricate. aperitif, double, booze, expeditious, flying, cup, dram, drink, belt, alcohol, speedy, chaser, hurried, swift, rapid. catcher, words, All-Star game, batter, the Cy Young Award, designated hitter, bush-league, the Golden Glove Awards, the American League, style, ball game. attitude, crusty, anime, Short-spoken, animation, B movie, cartoon, blue movie, biopic, buddy movie, costume drama, chick flick, chiller. couldn't, aren't, hadn't, don't, daren't, doesn't, Can't, didn't. commemorative, etched, blurred, conscious, faint, catchy, dim, elusive, dimly, foggy. monosyllabic, economical, silent, quiet. cream, caramelized, buttery, calorific, chewy, chilled. not go far, derisory, in short/limited supply, meagre, tight. curt (noun)
irritable, short-tempered.

Other synonyms:

xl, Short-spoken. os, scarce, crusty. hasty, hurried, under, rapid, expeditious, speedy, shy. S. quick. fast. medium, L. M. brief
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Usage examples for short

  1. After a short pause he continued; " If you wish to know who I am, I can tell you in few words. – Hyperion by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  2. In a short while we will brave the world and be at least a nine days' wonder. – Idle Hour Stories by Eugenia Dunlap Potts
  3. Last year my leave was short – The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason