Synonyms for Near:


all (adjective)
approaching (adjective)
closing, approaching, impending, converging, forthcoming, advancing, proximate, coming, imminent, nearby, expected, Looming.
close (adjective)
close by physically (adjective)
alongside, handy, touching, immediate, practically, proximate, adjacent, close, nearby.
close in time; forthcoming (adjective)
coming, expected, imminent, approaching, Looming, impending.
contiguous (adjective)
next to.
familiar (adjective)
related, friendly, akin, affecting.
like (adjective)
not unlike.
near (adjective)
by, adjacent, hairbreadth, proximate, nearby, neighborhood, immediate, along, local, handy, close.
similar (adjective)


touching, related, alongside, affecting, next to, akin, friendly, united. go over, make for, creep up on, bear down, gain on, hard, make toward. prior, previous, early, barely, by the time, earlier, first, Since. similar, like, homogeneous, alike, not unlike, comparable, indistinguishable, sort of. hardly, practically, scarcely. soon, any day/moment etc. now, at the earliest/first opportunity, shortly, in no time (at all), around the corner, in the short run/term. intervene, tick away, creep by, slip by, time flies, go by, elapse, wear on, passing, the passage of time.


approach (verb)
advance, close, loom, come, gain, impend, access, approach, converge.

Other synonyms:

previous. adjacent
touching, side by side.
gain on, impend.

Usage examples for near

  1. And you never coming near us all this while. – Fortitude by Hugh Walpole
  2. But it will be hard to keep them near me. – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi
  3. Peace, peace to him that is near and to him that is far off, saith the Lord. – The Good News of God by Charles Kingsley