Synonyms for Bold:


adventurous (adjective)
risky, venturous, daring, adventuresome, headstrong, reckless.
aggressive (adjective)
nervy, flip.
barefaced (adjective)
brave (adjective)
confident, courageous, stout, intrepid, undaunted, forward, stalwart, assuming, valiant, hardy, enterprising, resolute, audacious, unafraid, adventurous, heroic, daring, stouthearted, plucky, dauntless, valorous, gallant, defiant, brave, Fortitudinous, chivalrous, gutsy, fearless.
brazen, insolent (adjective)
cheeky, pert, nervy, confident, gutsy, saucy, smart-alecky, sassy, presumptuous, smart, brash, spunky, impudent, fresh, brassy, rude, insolent.
courageous (adjective)
fearless, plucky, unafraid, brave, stout, Stout-hearted, valorous, audacious, courageous, intrepid, valiant, heroic, spunky, venturesome.
defiant (adjective)
confrontational, dissenting, defiant, insurgent, factious, conflicting, audacious, obstinate, stubborn, rebellious, recalcitrant, resistant, daring, insubordinate, insolent, challenging.
disrespectful (adjective)
saucy, irreverent.
flagrant (adjective)
friendly (adjective)
game (adjective)
insolent (adjective)
callous, brash, discourteous, candid, disrespectful, impolite, sacrilegious, irreverent, defiant, outspoken, derisive, cheeky, arrogant, mouthy, outrageous, contemptuous, saucy, presumptuous, brazen, audacious, flagrant, sarcastic, insolent, impertinent, rude, insubordinate.
manly (adjective)
noticeable (adjective)
reckless (adjective)
resolute (adjective)
unbending, unyielding, iron-willed, unflinching, committed, loyal, strong-minded, firm, inexorable, willing, indomitable, earnest, set, relentless, devoted, dedicated, deliberate, insistent, serious, steadfast, tireless, zealous, unwavering, steely, tough, uncompromising, courageous, true, staunch, unshakeable, diligent, hearty, fearless, tenacious, reliable, stern, indefatigable, ruthless, steady, persevering, bullheaded, plucky, persistent, decisive, headstrong, unchangeable, determined, valiant, dauntless, resolved, constant, intent, faithful, decided, stubborn, resolute, thorough, spunky, dogged, strong-willed, implacable.
sassy (adjective)
self-confident (adjective)
tenacious (adjective)
bulldogged, obstinate, flintlike, determined, faithful, devoted, courageous, persistent, strong, headstrong, persevering, enduring, unflagging, fervent, strong-willed, spunky, hard, bullheaded, stubborn, tough, staunch, decisive, steadfast, resolute, indomitable, diligent, dauntless, indefatigable, tireless, plucky, stony, stiff, insistent, tenacious, true, brave, hearty, dogged, undaunted, obdurate.


chintzy, colored, color-coded, cold, ablaze, clean, bleached. chancy, at your own risk, enterprising, do-or-die, unsafe, touch-and-go, adventuresome, dodgy, safety, adventurous, venturous, unsound, risky. copperplate, doughty, Fortitudinous, font, fear, capitalize, stout, format, mettlesome, galley, game, gutsy, dotted line, full page, Gutty, capitalise. marked, outstanding, prominent, arresting, see, remarkable, signal, salient, eye-catching, observable, pronounced, noticeable, pointed, striking. bold (noun)
bluff, reckless, intrepid, sheer, vaulting, heroical, venturesome, temerarious, steep, obvious, boldface, daredevil, rash, fearless, foolhardy, bold face, unfearing, dauntless, heroic, conspicuous, overreaching, audacious, emboldened, overvaliant, brash, brave, nervy.
communication (noun)
boldface, bold face.
impertinent (noun)
prominent (noun)
definite, striking, bright, clear.

Other synonyms:

chancy, Fortitudinous, Snippety, adventuresome, eye-catching, do-or-die, pushy, gutsy, smart-alecky, risky, copperplate, bleached, color-coded, venturous, full page, contumelious, dotted line, boldfaced, Gutty, arresting, sassy, touch-and-go. pert, unsound, pronounced, prominent, colored, forward. chintzy, dodgy, noticeable, bright, observable. format. cold. pointed. fresh. clean. arrogant

Usage examples for bold

  1. And there was much laughing, and Harlson took home the servant girl, and she, growing bold as they approached the house, ran up the path ahead of him. – A Man and a Woman by Stanley Waterloo
  2. No one could find any fault with him when he was actually fighting; but though a bold and energetic man in action, he was slow to form plans and begin an enterprise. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  3. He had written to her, making his proposition in bold terms, and he felt that if she were utterly decided against him, her anger at his suggestion, or at least her refusal, would have been made known to him in some way. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope