Synonyms for Large:


big, abundant (adjective)
giant, comprehensive, goodly, spacious, gigantic, massive, huge, colossal, gross, enormous, humongous, wide, vast, extravagant, roomy, stupendous, extensive, substantial, mountainous, super, sizable, booming, copious, immeasurable, whopping, capacious, bulky, grandiose, plentiful, monumental, great, tidy, voluminous, grand, thumping, hefty, populous, broad, jumbo, ample, immense, generous, sweeping.
heavy-laden (adjective)
hulky (adjective)
large (adjective)
enormous, towering, huge, big, capacious, elephantine, comprehensive, bulky, ample, lofty, extensive, voluminous, immense, humongous, awesome, cavernous, baggy, spacious, magnificent, vast, colossal, tremendous, generous, roomy, giant, sizable, mammoth, great, grand, prodigious, majestic, gigantic, soaring, impressive, copious, princely, grandiose, gargantuan, massive, expansive.
overweight (adjective)
size (adjective)
long, great, wide, corpulent, measurable, magnificent, voluminous, chunky, bulky, dimensional, high, broad, extensive, amplitudinous, big, portly, expansive, sizable.


collective, all-night, bloated, business, accredited, anticompetitive, business-to-business, brick-and-mortar, general, brisk. all-around, global, all-round, broad-spectrum, far-ranging, all-inclusive, sweeping, specific, inclusive, far-reaching, wide-reaching, overall, widespread. historic, material, meaningful, consequential. large (noun)
large-scale, bombastic, bigger, whopping, vauntingly, spacious, generous, declamatory, ample, sizable, extensive, macroscopic, great, full-size, overlarge, expectant, turgid, megascopic, extended, hulking, greatest, hulky, gigantic, broad, gravid, tremendous, prominent, giant, life-size, life-sized, huge, massive, boastfully, heavy, puffy, deep, gross, prodigious, elephantine, astronomical, enormous, big, capacious, banner, magnanimous, oversized, epic, king-size, mountainous, man-sized, wide, mammoth, larger-than-life, enceinte, conspicuous, enlarged, super, significant, important, voluminous, larger, macro, cosmic, stupendous, king-sized, largest, double, macroscopical, bulky, thumping, plumping, sizeable, lifesize, volumed, walloping, immense, queen-sized, biggish, tumid, astronomic, monolithic, oversize, with child, outsize, colossal, jumbo, rhetorical, galactic, biggest, wide-ranging, vast, monstrous, orotund, bouffant, pregnant, obvious, queen-size, heroic, outsized, comprehensive, too large, whacking, monumental, gargantuan, rangy, blown-up, humongous, largish, titanic.
magnanimous (noun)
noble, open, big-hearted, kind.

Other synonyms:

hefty, all-inclusive, historic, inclusive, herculean, consequential, os, global. meaningful, widespread, cumbersome. monster, tidy, healthy. noble, S. general. medium, L. M. considerable
good, substantial.

Usage examples for large

  1. Part of it is her fault; a large part of it is mine. – The Tides of Barnegat by F. Hopkinson Smith
  2. " It is strange," he said, " that the man should be still at large – Punch, or the London Charivari, November 4th 1893 by Various