Synonyms for Baby:


beginning (adjective)
formative, starting, foremost, original, primeval, maiden, budding, embryonic, first, infant, alpha, Commencing, germinal, introductory, aboriginal, emerging, primal, newborn, initial, genesis, preliminary, nascent, Dawned, beginning, fetal, hatching, primordial, sprouting, preparatory, early, inaugural, incipient, precursory, infantile, new.
miniature (adjective)
youthful, babyish, diminutive, wee, tiny, small, petite, minute, little.
small (adjective)
minor, itty-bitty, minute, teeny, picayune, little, miserly, bantam, negligible, small, deficient, tiny, nugatory, teensy, weeny, teeny-weeny, pocket, trifling, delicate, miniature, slim, piddling, puny, ungenerous, niggardly, dwarfish, wee, paltry, scant, modest, microscopic, sparing, toy, short, stingy, meager, smallish, petite, diminutive, slight, scrawny, minimal, compact, beggarly, spare, scanty.


arriviste, academician, alumnus, core, confederate, commissioner, charter member, branch, associate. foundling, nursling, bairn, bundle of joy, designer baby, babe in arms, feeder, youth, kin, blue baby, bambino, neonate. honey, milksop, my man, mate, pardner, bud, sugar, BRO, milquetoast, weakling. girlfriend, ma'am, treat well, lady, miss, cater, overindulge, girls, madam, sunshine. foal, brood, bullock, filly, fawn, cub, colt, chick, calf. desk job, busywork, calling, dead-end job, day job, Child Labor, cover, consultancy, chore. chickenshit, chicken, coward, wimp, nebbish, pansy. guard, safeguard, keep (a) watch, protect, shelter, defend, shield, stand up for, save, watch over. squash, greens, out of season, root vegetable. baby (noun)
little, neonate, bairn, toddler, wee, tiny, infant, small, miniature, diminutive, child, minute.
infant (noun)
youngster, bairn, bambino, toddler, nursling, newborn, kid, child, chick.
infantile (noun)
youthful, babyish, childish.
milksop (noun)
pamper (noun)
study at humor, cherish, cuddle, make much of, pet, nurse, humor, foster, dandle.
person (noun)
weakling (noun)
wimp (noun)
young person (noun)
youngster (noun)
slip, sapling, child, sprout, sprig, lad, toddler, lass, youngster, innocent, stripling, waif, girl, fledgling, kid, urchin, boy, juvenile.


treat like a child (verb)
cherish, pet, dandle, overindulge, foster, nurse, cuddle, humor.

Other synonyms:

overindulge, bundle of joy, root vegetable, desk job, core, Child Labor, charter member, colt, confederate, day job, dead-end job, milquetoast, blue baby, bambino, arriviste, childish, alumnus, branch, foundling, pardner, busywork, nebbish, neonate, wimp, chicken, designer baby, BRO, bairn, nursling, cub, academician. associate, bud, calf, chickenshit, babe in arms, calling, cater, honey, chick, lady, milksop, chore, foal, pansy, filly, girlfriend, fawn, consultancy, weakling. brood, pet. sugar. feeder. mate. squash. cover. poltroon

Usage examples for baby

  1. She would have plenty of news to tell them, she thought: there was Michael's fortune, and Gage's baby – Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  2. She was very cross to her little brother, and often hurt the baby – Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy. by Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann
  3. Did I wake- the baby up? – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter