Synonyms for Mass:


universal (adjective)
generic, ubiquitous, common, general, prevalent, collective, universal, master, omnipresent.


enormous, great, extensive, high, large, quantity, substantial, huge, size, considerable, widely. arithmetic, matter, allowance, amount, capacity, allocation, object, backlog, balance. aggregation, cantata, air, bass, andante, allegro, arrangement, collect, concerto, gathering, accumulation, chant, congeries, collection, chorus, assemblage, Amassment, adagio. shock, array, drift, club, age group, hill, tumble, order, bank, busload, constellation, agglomeration. ala, swarm, az, group, ark, ak, al, ruck, ARIZ, ca, big, drove, alas, ar, crush, BC. cloud, army, call down, baptize, amen, catechism, score, celebrate, baptise, the Book of Common Prayer, benediction, anthem. besiege, huddle, cozy up, close up, cluster, assemble, clump together, converge, preponderance, Preponderancy. blob, irregularity, magnitude, convolution, blur, amplitude. everyman, an ordinary/average/regular Joe, pleb, the little people, over, commonality, commonalty, the masses, the people, third estate, plebeian, the grassroots, Jane Doe, Joe Blow, the general public, the multitude. a great deal (noun)
barrel, power, world, abundance, big, wealth, much, profusion.
amount (noun)
bulk, measurement (noun)
extent, size, magnitude.
collection (noun)
aggregate, agglomeration.
commonalty (noun)
ruck, pleb.
en masse (noun)
as a whole, gathered, collectively.
extent (noun)
heaviness (noun)
gravity, weight, heaviness, ponderousness.
mass (noun)
deal, aggregative, stack, hatful, batch, raft, muckle, people, good deal, slew, mickle, plenty, pile, aggregate, flock, quite a little, collective, spate, mess, large-scale, general, lot, masses, tidy sum, mint, great deal, multitude, sight, whole slew, heap, volume, peck, whole lot, hoi polloi, wad.
people (noun)
host, countryman, peasantry, countrywoman, legion, throng, multitude, great unwashed, rabble, bourgeoisie, commoner, crowd, mob, proletariat, populace, public, horde, masses, bourgeois, people.
pleb (noun)
rite (noun)
christening, celebration, observance, eucharist, canon, novena, confirmation, missal, matrimony, last rites, vesper, sacrament, revival, communion, wedlock, service, remembrance, Siddur, convocation, transubstantiation, holiday, ceremony, evensong, baptism, rite, marriage, initiation, nones, sacrifice, solemnization, liturgy, ritual.
size (noun)
expanse, magnitude, size, extent, massiveness.

Other synonyms:

amplitude, pleb, convolution, capacity, commonality, agglomeration, Amassment, commonalty, ruck, third estate. aggregation, collection, blob, amount, army, accumulation, Preponderancy, assemblage, drove, magnitude. preponderance, hill. irregularity, drift. block, object, blur. score, cloud. body. bank. a great deal
much, wealth, power, abundance, world, profusion, barrel.
hunk, clot.
pile, congeries.
Other relevant words:
lot, profusion, body, magnitude, amount, lump, stack, pile, block, quantity, much, abundance, batch, heap, preponderance, extent, matter, volume, accumulation, wad, swarm, amplitude, gob, flock, collection.