Synonyms for Medium:


all (adjective)
intermediate, average.
average (adjective)
middling, everyday, median, customary, normal, mid, midmost, usual, conventional, common, average, moderate, mezzo, ordinary, middle-of-the-road, standard, run-of-the-mill, commonplace, predominant, stock, stereotype, dominant, mean, halfway, mediocre.
central (adjective)
middle (adjective)
middle, mediocre, core, halfway, equidistant, median, medial, central, mean, pivotal, midmost, average, axial, centralized, mid, geocentric, middling, half-and-half, nuclear, mezzo, half, intermediate, middle-of-the-road, Bisecting.
midway, average (adjective)
medial, tolerable, mediocre, intermediate, median, normal, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, moderate, common, par, commonplace, mean, standard, middle, middling.


baroque, agitprop, brushwork, art deco, art nouveau, the avant-garde, abstract expressionism, aquatint, camp, arts and crafts. compromise, chalk, agree, brush, fixative, settlement, enamel, give and take, accommodation, airbrush, composition, easel, crepe paper, canvas, arrangement, crayon, acrylic. powder, instrumentation, solid, mechanism, organ, wax, concentrate, intermediary, stuff, substance. clean, chintzy, fourth estate, cold, words, bright, colored, ablaze, bleached, fleet street, bold, color-coded, brash, press. place, cache, CD ROM, climate, be, environment, boot disk, CDE, world, ambiance, limited, cache memory, milieu, buffer, blu-ray, cd-r, atmosphere, CD RW, cd, surroundings. necromancy, divination, channel, seance, Ouija Board, spiritualism, clairvoyant. the media, the limelight, coverage, fanfare, saturation coverage, the glare of publicity/the media etc., voice, mass media, overexposure. xl, short, large, M, L, S, os. mild, regular, middle-sized, Medium-sized, mid-range. agency (noun)
instrument, delegation, vehicle, agency, means, instrumentality, empowerment, conductor, proxy, machinery, deputation, lieutenancy.
atmosphere, setting (noun)
milieu, surroundings, element, climate.
component (noun)
material, factor, percentage, fraction, constituent, fragment, section, part, member, article, ingredient, segment, item, element, portion, filament, component, piece, feature, matter.
environment (noun)
fastener (noun)
lace, snap, lock, bond, paste, cleat, clinch, coupling, grapnel, brad, stay, bracket, twine, hitch, connector, hinge, fastener, latch, staple, closure, binder, spike, string, thread, rivet, pin, bolt, link, anchor, suture, nail, splice, buckle, fastening, clamp, catch, hasp, chain, binding, weld, bonding, hawser, button, vise, glue, knot, mediator, strap, clip, cement, skewer, agent, cincture, tie, cinch, tack, band, guy, belt, hook, knitting, stitch, rabbet, braid, fuse, brace, middleman, ligament, clasp, seal, mucilage, Vinculum, cotter, zipper.
instrument (noun)
intervention (noun)
mediation, intervention, aid, expediency, intermediate, tool, implementation, facilitation, go-between.
means (noun)
means, mode (noun)
instrumentality, mechanism, instrument, factor, clairvoyant, agency, agent, vehicle, tool, organ, channel.
medium (noun)
intermediate, culture medium, average, moderate, metier, spiritualist, cooked.
middle (noun)
mediocrity, midpoint, nub, kernel, pivot, midst, marrow, nucleus, heart, halfway point, epicenter, hub, bisection, axis, center.

Other synonyms:

spiritualism, milieu, divination, organ, instrumentation, middle-sized, Medium-sized, the limelight, saturation coverage, give and take, seance, mid-range, mass media, concentrate, necromancy, powder, the media, xl, Ouija Board. os, climate, overexposure, mechanism, mild, wax, ambiance, fanfare, par, substance. large, norm, intermediary, accommodation. environment, coverage. solid, stuff, compromise, atmosphere, settlement, S. composition. L, arrangement. world, regular. M, short. spiritualist

Usage examples for medium

  1. When I am carried from this state into a state of actual pleasure, it does not appear necessary that I should pass through the medium of any sort of pain. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  2. And we recognize also that this absolute equality has only been known, and can only be known, through the medium of sight or touch, or of some other of the senses, which are all alike in this respect? – Phaedo The Last Hours Of Socrates by Plato
  3. Somehow I had never thought of a medium with a sense of humor. – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart