Synonyms for Wholesale:


all (adjective)
extensive (adjective)
indiscriminate (adjective)
comprehensive, extensive, general, over-all, complete, widespread, total.
wholesale (adjective)
large-scale, general, widespread, indiscriminate, extensive, overall, bulk, sweeping, total, comprehensive, complete.
wide-ranging (adjective)


discount, totally, entirely, utterly, really, loose, purely, commercial, well, thoroughly, absolutely, fully, large-scale, completely. all, overall, all-inclusive, whole, Everything, all-or-nothing, the sum total, altogether. detail, cold call, customer care, credit rating, churn rate, call, aftermarket, cross-selling, buyer's market, direct marketing. mail order, at cost, BOGOF, open market, down, freemium, first refusal. price (noun)
wholesale (noun)
in large quantities, sweeping, bulk, indiscriminate.


sell (verb)

Other synonyms:

mail order, first refusal, the sum total, freemium, BOGOF, general, Everything, open market, commercial, overall. altogether, comprehensive, complete, whole, all. down. Other relevant words:
comprehensive, entirely, overall, call, cross-selling, large-scale, well, general, indiscriminate, discount, really, all, fully, over-all, in large quantities, freemium, BOGOF, whole, all-or-nothing, all-inclusive, down, purely, complete, utterly, widespread, at cost, aftermarket, altogether, thoroughly, bulk, totally, sweeping, absolutely, total, extensive, loose, Everything, detail, commercial, completely.

Usage examples for wholesale

  1. This was directed against the wholesale robbery and corruption which the East India Company had been guilty of in its government of the country. – Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America by Edmund Burke
  2. The street from this point, which terminates at the Delaware River, making a total of fourteen squares, is full of wholesale houses. – Shepp's Photographs of the World by James W. Shepp Daniel B. Shepp
  3. He asked for her husband's address and she told him that the only address he had left was care of another wholesale firm in their line in New York,- she supposed he could reach her husband there. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson