Synonyms for Part:


component (adjective)
featured, segmentary, ingredient, constituent, fragmentary, elemental, component, fractional, member, sectional, factoring.
fractional (adjective)
fragmentary, semi, sectional, third, fractional, segmental, half, quarter.
incomplete (adjective)


balance, molding, frame, accumulation, backlog, bolt, block, amount, nut, fitting, capacity, brace, clutch, batch, spring, casting, belt, replacement, chain, shaft, arithmetic, pulley, lever, gear, rod, wheel, band, machine. aside, comic relief, hero, contrivance, denouement, heroine, content, the credits, act, ad lib, action, backstory. co, airspace, county, the borderland, breadbasket, district, corridor, country. ancillary, bearing, bucket, button, ball bearing, cam, Integrant, building block, camshaft, carriage. apparatus, cavity, chamber, guts, canal, innards, passage, entrails, organ, organic. participate, unit, DO, substructure, detail. back, backtrack, draw back, pull away, back away, retreat, stand aside, perspective, shrink, side. barbershop, braid, comb, crimp, blow-dry, partial, backcomb, condition, comb out, cornrow. site, setting, base, scene, venue, location, center, whereabouts, locale. dump, defriend, finish with, fall out, drop. prompt, stage direction, come-on, cue, Exeunt, line. exclusion, engagement, intrusion, participation, entry, involvement, interference, intervention. allotment (noun)
percentage, ration, allocation, measure, lot, stake, share, proportion, stipend, parcel, assignment, segment, apportionment, chunk, allotment, commission, quantum, portion, dispensation, budget, piece, allowance, quota.
artifact (noun)
communication (noun)
component (noun)
constituent, matter, item, section, component, material, medium, element, factor, article, ingredient, filament, feature.
department (noun)
disjunction (noun)
cleavage, disassembly, separation, fissure, disassociation, disintegration, disengagement, incision, amputation, division, rent, disunity, dissection, segregation, detachment, dissociation, alienation, Disarticulation, bisection, disconnection.
element (noun)
Integrant, constituent.
fraction (noun)
denominator, numerator, third, quarter.
incompleteness (noun)
scantiness, insufficiency, deficiency, gap, hiatus, shortage, incompleteness, omission, need, segmental, deficit, lack, discontinuity, shortcoming, shortfall, fragmentation, curtailment.
object (noun)
part (noun)
depart, split, portion, break, role, component, character, persona, separate, share, partially, start out, set out, set forth, region, start, break up, component part, office, partly, divide, set off, fractional, split up, section, percentage, division, voice, piece, function, theatrical role, take off, contribution, disunite.
person or group's interest, concern (noun)
function, office, role, involvement, capacity.
piece, portion of something (noun)
component, chip, detail, bit, parcel, molecule, quota, factor, ingredient, member, section, sliver, quantum, allotment, splinter, partition, scrap, side, extra, measure, cut, particle, slice, fragment, unit, segment, sector, apportionment, element, constituent, chunk, piece, subdivision, branch, share, fraction, ration, slab, helping, lot, division, atom, lump, item, installment, organ.
portion (noun)
dividend, subdivision, interest, half, helping, member, fraction, zone, bit, sector, compartment, stock.
privately (noun)
so far as one is concerned, personally.
quarter (noun)
region (noun)
theatrical role (noun)
bit part, cameo, hero, character.


break, disconnect (verb)
cleave, dismantle, split, sever, sunder, detach, break up, tear, portion, divide, rend, separate, disjoin, disunite.
depart (verb)
abandon, depart, embark, flee, decamp, go, withdraw, exit, leave, quit.
die (verb)
die, pass, perish, pass on, expire, cease, pass away, end, succumb, fall, decease.
dissociate (verb)
disconnect, uncouple, break, cleave, disjoin, dissociate, disunite, segregate, partition, sunder, divide, rend, separate, divorce, sever, halve, disassociate, excise, insulate, dismantle, fragment, detach, split, disengage, rupture, alienate.
halve (verb)
branch, slit, tear, fork, bifurcate.
leave, go away from someone (verb)
depart, go, withdraw, split up, break, take off, quit.
motion (verb)
split, separate.
separate (verb)
cut, disassemble, pare, incise, unhinge, estrange, dissect, disaffiliate, disintegrate, disarticulate, Unfix, bisect, Unglue, scissor, slice, remove, amputate, axe, rip.

Other synonyms:

building block, clutch, stage direction, participation, substructure, canal, Integrant, Exeunt, entrails, draw back, installment, intervention, chip, detail. apparatus, cue, dole, interference, chamber, involvement, stand aside, fitting, organic, side. shrink, partial. organ, passage, retreat, prompt. entry, engagement. come-on. back. line. break open
start out, set forth.
set off.
set out, leave.
set off.
Other relevant words:
capacity, condition, role, passage, split up, character, Integrant, voice, partial, dole, partially, partly, component, divvy.

Usage examples for part

  1. I know we must part – The White Gauntlet by Mayne Reid
  2. " You fellows must do your part though. – Left Guard Gilbert by Ralph Henry Barbour