Synonyms for Extended:


additional (adjective)
incremented, amalgamated, raised, more, grown, increased, augmented, enlarged, additional, expanded, larger, accrual, Annexed.
all-round (adjective)
attached (adjective)
bound, married, added, joined, connected, attached, augmented, embellished, Hitched, Annexed, additional, accompanied, Suffixed, Spliced, Prefixed, subscripted, related, extra, affixed, merged.
continued (adjective)
persistent, unceasing, protracted, maintained, sustained, interminable, prolonged, abiding, continued, persevering.
drawn-out (adjective)
exaggerated (adjective)
expanded (adjective)
Distended, spread, inflated, swollen, stretched, developed, enlarged, engorged, lengthened, fattened, expanded, magnified, increased, dilated, Amplified, augmented, Widened, thickened, incremented, burgeoned, Broadened.
increased (adjective)
elevated, inflated, augmented, enlarged, larger, increased, expanded, multiplied, swollen, additional, magnified.
lengthened (adjective)
enlarged, lengthy, spread, prolonged, stretched out, drawn-out, protracted, continued, long, elongated.
long (adjective)
offered (adjective)
presented, Imparted, Rendered, Offered, Submitted, granted, Quoted, given, Issued, invited.
widespread, comprehensive (adjective)
extensive, outspread, wide, expansive, sweeping, expanded, far-reaching.


enduring, constant, lasting, for some time, on and on, never-ending. global, far-ranging, far-reaching, slouch, all-around, squat, wide-reaching, comprehensive, fetal position, sweeping, all-round, overall, specific, widespread, wide-ranging, broad-spectrum, sprawl, expansive, inclusive, head first, headlong, general, stoop. extended (noun)
large, long, rolled out, outspread, extensive, figurative, prolonged, protracted, nonliteral, sprawling, expanded, considerable, lengthened, stretched out, stretched, spread, wide, drawn-out, elongated, unrolled, lengthy, sprawled, big, sprawly, outstretched.
outspread (noun)
expansive, widespread.


continued (verb)
prolonged, Persisted, protracted, maintained, continued, abided, sustained, Persevered.
expanded (verb)
extended (verb)
gave (verb)
assigned, Served, Consigned, donated, Attributed, allotted, Delivered, rationed, Showered, sent, Awarded, Lavished, paid, Helped, Disbursed, Supplied, lent, assisted, expended, Allowed, Provided, Contributed, devoted, Ascribed, pledged, furnished, shared, Doled, funded, dispensed, Bequeathed.
increased (verb)
elevated, upgraded, fattened, accrued, Heightened, Grew, reinforced, Boosted, Amplified, Widened, inflated, multiplied, lengthened, maximized, Broadened, magnified, burgeoned, advanced.
lengthened (verb)
elongated, expanded, lengthened, stretched, prolonged.
offered (verb)
invited, Dealt, bestowed, Cited, presented, given, granted, Approached, Offered, Issued, bid, attempted, Tendered, Rendered, Quoted, Submitted, Imparted, Bidden, endowed, Gave.

Other synonyms:

far-ranging, all-round, broad-spectrum, wide-ranging, lasting, never-ending, fetal position, enduring, wide-reaching, far-reaching, overall, all-around, head first. expansive, headlong, slouch, constant, inclusive, comprehensive, global. widespread. sprawl, stoop. squat. general. Other relevant words:
stoop, sweeping, widespread, Amplified, squat, figurative, extensive, far-reaching, drawn-out, unrolled, expansive, all-around, long, stretched out, headlong, lasting, sprawly, broad-spectrum, never-ending, overall, global, sprawled, wide, general, all-round, wide-reaching, inclusive, outstretched, wide-ranging, comprehensive, nonliteral, sprawling, lengthy, far-ranging, big, considerable, large, outspread.

Usage examples for extended

  1. Crawshay extended an eager hand. – The Box with the Broken Seals by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. The major reached out his hand; the sheriff hesitated, and then extended his own. – The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  3. The prisoners were marched a short distance to the front of the troops, who extended their line on either side of them. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston