Synonyms for Chief:


all (adjective)
main, primary, principal, master.
most important, essential (adjective)
champion, predominant, arch, superior, star, principal, foremost, leading, primary, supreme, premier, uppermost, controlling, main, paramount, ruling, head.
superior (adjective)
eminent, ruling, senior, controlling, supreme, better, foremost, commanding, quintessential, choice, above, sovereign, champion, master, superior, leading, king, paramount, consummate, A 1, best, zenith, crowning, ascendant, dominant, signal, elite, furthest, chosen, uppermost, furthermost, Headmost, maximum, predominant, most.


genteel, good, study at principal, common, below, A-list, born, B-list. employer, figurehead, the Establishment, dictator, over, hierarch, enforcer, autocrat, demagogue. elementary, basic. foreperson, straw boss, taskmistress, forewoman. chief (noun)
honcho, main, top dog, arch, top, head, gaffer, foreman, boss, primary, important, of import, principal.
director (noun)
mayor, queen, ringmaster, magistrate, supervisor, taskmaster, administrator, boss, foreman, overseer, general, baron, superintendent, conductor, ringleader, band master, warden, overlord.
honcho (noun)
master (noun)
commander, governor, head, proprietress, kingpin, executive, authority, headmaster, director, mother, star, headmistress, mahatma, lord, officer, commandant, landlord, president, guru, proprietor, captain, quartermaster, maestro, principal, titleholder, mandarin, manager, abbot, sire, landlady, squire, dean, ruler, leader.
person (noun)
top dog, head.
person in charge (noun)
governor, leader, ringleader, honcho, boss, sovereign, dictator, commander, manager, overlord, director, general, captain, superintendent, ruler, foreperson, president, overseer, proprietor, supervisor.
potentate (noun)
superior (noun)
exceller, paragon, premier, victor, superman, wonderwoman, nobility, winner, prize winner, virtuoso, prodigy, superwoman, aristocracy, prima donna, champ.
tyrant (noun)

Other synonyms:

figurehead, enforcer. basic.

Usage examples for chief

  1. You sent for me, chief – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  2. That is my chief – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  3. He half took off his hat, immediately put it back again, looked at the Chief President, and said, " Monsieur;" after a moment's pause he repeated " Monsieur." – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 9 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon