Synonyms for Giving:


generous (adjective)
openhanded, bounteous.


Disgorging, passing out, yielding, handing out, Producing, Transferring, Permitting, Conferring, ceding, Discharging, emitting, conveying, pouring forth, doling out, communicating, parting with, Remitting, giving up. act (noun)
bestowing (noun)
Bequeathing, Permitting, Conferring, imparting, Distributing, Remitting, expending, Furnishing, offering, supplying, contributing, Allowing, yielding, conveying, Dispensing, Transferring, Endowing, Donating, passing out, Presenting, handing out, doling out, ceding, Granting, awarding.
giving (noun)
openhanded, freehanded, generous, big, bighearted, bounteous, liberal, gift, handsome, bountiful.


allotting (verb)
sharing, Earmarking, Distributing, cutting, dividing, Portioning, rationing, allocating, splitting, segmenting, Allowing, Allotting, Meting, measuring, assigning, parceling, budgeting, apportioning, partitioning, Dispensing, slicing, setting.
giving (verb)
Ascribing, Doling, Lavishing, lending, Attributing, Donating, helping, Devoting, paying, sending, expending, supplying, serving, funding, Assisting, Furnishing, Delivering, Bequeathing, Providing, Pledging, Consigning, Showering, contributing, Disbursing, awarding.
offering (verb)
imparting, Quoting, Bestowing, Endowing, Citing, Submitting, rendering, advancing, approaching, Granting, Extending, offering, inviting, Tendering, Presenting, Attempting, issuing, Biding, dealing.
rewarding (verb)
sweetening, honoring, Tipping, Luring, inducing, tempting, Remunerating, Compensating, enticing, Treating, rewarding.

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Other relevant words:
generous, Disgorging, Discharging, bounteous, bountiful, Remitting, emitting, Conferring, handsome, Producing, openhanded, liberal, Permitting, ceding, bighearted, communicating, Transferring, big, conveying, yielding, gift, freehanded.

Usage examples for giving

  1. He filled her glass, giving her a relieved look. – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  2. For he knew that he was giving more than was wise. – The Vultures by Henry Seton Merriman
  3. Do you remember giving me a little ring? – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope